Financial Aid Forms

Use the links below to download and print PDF Financial Aid forms or submit Electronic Financial Aid forms.

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Students may submit forms in person at Financial Aid Offices, by mail, by fax, or electronically:

Office of Financial Aid & Veterans Services
L.L. Polk Campus
PO Box 126 Polkton, NC 28135
Fax: 704-272-5303

Office of Financial Aid & Veterans Services
Old Charlotte Highway Campus
PO Box 5041 Monroe, NC 28111-5041

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2023-2024 Financial Aid Forms

Click on the PDF Form to download, complete and return the form in person, by mail or electronically at Financial Aid Submission Form.  Click on the Etrieve Form to complete the form electronically.

PDF FormsEtrieve Electronic Forms
Alternate Loan Request – PDF unavailableAlternate Loan Request
Appeal Form Max Time-frameAppeal Form Max Time-frame
Appeal Form Unsatisfactory StatusAppeal Form Unsatisfactory Status
Bachelor’s Degree VerificationBachelor’s Degree Verification
Childcare Grant ApplicationChildcare Grant Application
Consortium AgreementConsortium Agreement – Etrieve form unavailable
Dependency Override RequestDependency Override Request
Dependency Override RenewalDependency Override Renewal
Emergency Loan FormEmergency Loan Form – Etrieve form unavailable
Fresh Start – PDF unavailableFresh Start
Independent Status VerificationIndependent Status Verification
Marital StatusMarital Status
Parent Non-Tax Filer – PDF unavailableParent Non-Tax Filer
Personal StatementPersonal Statement – Etrieve form unavailable
Signature PageSignature Page – Etrieve form unavailable
Special CircumstancesSpecial Circumstances – Etrieve form unavailable
Statement of Educational PurposeStatement of Educational Purpose – Etrieve form unavailable
Student Non-Tax FilerStudent Non-Tax Filer
Unusual EnrollmentUnusual Enrollment
V-1 Verification WorksheetV-1 Verification Worksheet
V-5 Verification Worksheet V-5 Verification Worksheet

Verification of Assets
Verification of Assets
Verification of Other Untaxed – PDF unavailableVerification of Other Untaxed

2022-2023 Financial Aid Forms

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