The SPCC Pre-Honors Program

What is the SPCC Pre-Honors Program?

Pre-Honors is an exciting program that gives students the opportunity to explore their interests and collaborate on projects focused on research and scholarship.

Students work as a group to decide on a project, such as creating a piece of art, producing a film, performing in a play, designing an escape room, or volunteering for community service. The group’s work is then presented at an annual symposium to celebrate student accomplishments.

Students who complete the Pre-Honors project also receive a pin and certificate of achievement to acknowledge their work.

How can I participate?

  • Submit a Pre-Honors contract, where you will agree to:
    • Attend a minimum of 4 Pre-Honors meetings in a semester.
    • Meet with your academic advisor twice during the semester.
    • Participate in a Student Life event on campus, such as a fair, club activity, or information session, and write a short reflection.
    • Complete the group project.

What does participation look like?

  • Generally, meeting twice a month, in person or virtually, to discuss and work on your group’s project.
  • Work with an honors student, who serves as your mentor.

What are the application criteria?

  • The program is open to any currently enrolled SPCC student.

What are the rewards of Pre-Honors?

  •  A certificate and pin recognizing completion of the Pre-Honors Program.
  • Opportunities to participate in social events, such as field trips or seminars.
  • An enriching academic experience you can include on your resume or ePortfolio.​​

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