The SPCC Honors Program

What is the SPCC Honors Program?

The SPCC Honors Program provides students with opportunities to collaborate with faculty mentors by designing projects based on personal interests that connect to learning outcomes in their enrolled courses.  

Students work with a faculty mentor to create an honors contract that details their intended project. Upon submission to and approval by the Honors Program Committee, both the student and faculty mentor sign the agreed upon contract.

Completed projects allow high-achieving students to enrich their traditional experience via an intellectually challenging addition to the curriculum and to showcase skills such as:

  • Independent critical thinking and inquiry
  • Effective oral, written, and visual communication skills
  • Proficiency in information and technology literacy
  • Social responsibility and advocacy

How can I participate?

  • Students can create a contract for any 16-week credit-earning course.
  • Contracts are submitted for approval by the end of the third week of the semester.
  • Projects must be completed within the semester they were approved.
  • In addition to the successful completion of their project, students must also earn a letter grade of B or higher in the course to receive honors credit.
  • By successfully completing four (4) projects and presenting at one or more public forums, a student graduates with “Full Honors,” a designation which is recognized during graduation by a purple honors cord.

What are the application criteria?

1st Semester SPCC Students:

  • Must have graduated from a North Carolina high school and meet one of the four requirements below:
    • High school GPA of at least 3.7 on a 4.0 scale
    • High school rank of top 10% or higher
    • ACT composite score of 30 or higher
    • SAT score of 1875 or higher

Continuing SPCC Students (2nd semester and on):

    • Must have earned a minimum of 12 college credits hours with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Early College or Career and College Promise Students:

    • Must meet one of the four (4) requirements of 1st semester students.
    • Once 12 college credits have been earned, students must meet the requirements of continuing SPCC students.

What are the rewards of the SPCC Honors Program?

  • Awards credit on your SPCC transcript and serves as an excellent addition to your resume and transfer applications.
  • Demonstrates academic excellence and achievement.
  • Provides leadership and service-learning opportunities both in and outside the classroom.
  • Provides opportunities to participate in High Impact Practices (HIPs) social events such as field trips and seminars.
  • Allows you to participate in and attend professional symposiums and conferences, such as the North Carolina Honors Association Conference.

What does it take to graduate with Full Honors?

  • Completion of a minimum of four honors projects in four different courses, as well as the attainment of a B grade or higher in each corresponding course.
  • Participation in at least one public forum, such as the annual spring recognition dinner.
  • Attainment of a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

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