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Global Scholars of Distinction: Start Local. Go Global.

Global Scholars of Distinction is an academic program that focuses on multicultural learning. From home, our campuses in Anson and Union Counties, or by study abroad, students can access courses, webinars, presentations, films, field trips, or international travel that enhance their understanding of the world and its people.

Worldview, a global program at UNC Chapel Hill, began the Global Scholars program as a way for community colleges to bring global education to students. SPCC has been a member in their program since 2016. 

UNC Chapel Hill’s World View Program created a video for prospective Global Scholars of Distinction. It explains the benefits of global education and the collaboration between UNC Chapel Hill and South Piedmont Community College.

Students who complete the program earn Global Scholar of Distinction on their transcripts, graduation honors cords, and a certificate of completion from UNC Chapel Hill.

Global Scholars Program Description

Global Scholars of Distinction is an academic program that provides SPCC students with global competencies and skills needed for success at universities that focus on global education and for employment in the 21st century work place.

SPCC is a member of UNC’s World View program for community colleges, NC Global Distinction Initiative. The UNC program is designed to help community colleges globalize the curriculum and increase faculty and student involvement in global issues. Students will develop global competencies and skills needed to succeed at universities and in the workforce.

Students in any SPCC degree program may participate in Global Scholars of Distinction.

To apply and remain in the program, students must:

  • Have/maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5

To complete the SP Global Scholars of Distinction Program, students must:

  • Complete 15 hours of credit from courses with a global designation
  • Participate in a total of 8 “passport activities”
  • Participate in an approved study abroad or international service learning experience OR complete 30 hours of experiences related to cultural, international, and global study
  • Complete a capstone project that includes an in-depth exploration of a global issue

Benefits of SP Global Scholars of Distinction:

  • Scholarship, internship, service learning, and employment opportunities
  • Provides a global learning foundation for the university and career
  • Enhances careers in law, business, culinary arts, education, language, journalism, communication, human services, engineering, advertising and graphic design, government, military service, international studies, global studies, criminal justice, and international business.
  • Notation on your academic transcripts and graduation honors cords
  • Certificate of completion from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Dana GAll SPCC students can participate in the study abroad trip to Japan.

The Study Abroad trip to Japan is currently scheduled for May 16-26, 2022. Travelers will visit Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Hakone and Tokyo. Travelers will enjoy both historical and modern amenities as the group moves through Japan, learning about the history of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Modern Japan, much like the modern United States, was born out of the aftermath of WWII. This trip and related course will explore the religious and cultural impetus for engaging in WWII and how Allied occupation and reconstruction helped set Japan on a path of modernity.

During the pre-trip course (3 meetings of 2 hours each), students will interpret the major elements of modern Japanese history, assess the influence of the Buddhist and Shinto religions on Japanese culture, and evaluate the impact of WWII on Japanese culture, politics and economy.

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