Online Learning Readiness

What to Expect in Your Classes

All curriculum courses at SPCC have a related course site in Canvas. The amount and type of activities, files, etc. in each site will depend on the course as well as the delivery method for your particular class. All Canvas sites will have a current syllabus, procedure and protocols pertinent to the class, a current schedule, and contact information for your instructor.

Computer Skills Needed to Succeed

A key to being successful in your classes is having the basic computer skills necessary to access information and complete your assignments. At a minimum, each student should be able to:

  • Start and shutdown a computer
  • Open and close a web-browser (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are recommended); browse to different web addresses
  • Open and close basic programs such as a Word Processor; create and edit files
  • Save a file to your hard drive, a flash drive, or your SPCC Office 365 Cloud drive
  • Upload files from your hard drive, a flash drive, or your SPCC Office 365 Cloud drive
  • Read, write, and send emails; attach files to or download files from emails
  • Create and update passwords as necessary
  • Protect against computer viruses

Study & Time Management Skills Needed to Succeed

Students enrolling in online and blended courses may experience a feeling of flexibility because there are less or no physical meetings compared to traditional face-to-face instruction. This feeling of flexibility however should not be misinterpreted as freedom i.e. the freedom to complete work whenever you choose or at a pace you define. Each class at SPCC regardless of delivery method has a defined schedule of assignment due dates that each student is expected to follow. Also, the hours not spent physically in a class meeting should be used to consume learning resources, contributing to engagement activities i.e. discussion forums, and completing assessments. Therefore, it’s critical that students implement sound study and time management skills during their time of enrollment.

Each student should consider the following questions when considering online or blended classes:

  • Do you have reliable and consistent access to a computer and the internet?
  • How often do you check your email and browse the internet?
  • Do you read textbooks, emails, instructions, etc. carefully?
  • How confident are you at learning new skills on your own?
  • Do you enjoy posting to forums and/or communicating in writing?

Here is a list of characteristics common among successful online learners:

  • Comfortable using technology i.e. web browser, email, navigating through websites, webcams
  • Self-motivated to schedule time for studying, completing assignments, and preparing for exams
  • Doesn’t procrastinate – plans to complete and submit work ahead of time so unexpected interruptions don’t impact success
  • Asks questions and seeks help immediately when problems arise
  • Communicates effectively through writing and is able to read responses within context
  • Regularly logging into the course site to check announcements; checks email once or twice daily

Are You Ready?

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