Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

Students applying to some health programs at SPCC are required to take the ATI TEAS – Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). TEAS scores are valid for two (2) years and can be taken every three (3) months. TEAS tests scores honored must be the same version used currently or in the past two (2) years by SPCC (ATI TEAS). There is a $68 nonrefundable fee for each TEAS test (fees are subject to change). Priority will be given to South Piedmont Community College students. If you are a non-SPCC student with a scheduled TEAS appointment, your appointment may be cancelled to accommodate a SPCC student. Non-SPCC students will be charged an additional $20 proctoring fee for a total of $88 per TEAS test. Prior to your TEAS testing appointment, you must go to the ATI Testing website at www.atitesting.com and create your account. You must bring your ATI username and password, receipt of payment from SPCC, and a valid photo ID to your testing appointment. Study Guides for the ATI TEAS may be purchased online from ATI Testing and other vendors. TEAS tests not taken at SPCC must be the same version used by SPCC (ATI TEAS). Appointments are required. To make your testing appointment (excluding Pearson Vue), click here.

TEAS Retest Guidelines

Students are eligible to take the TEAS test every three (3) months. Student must pay the $68 or $88 TEAS testing fee to the business office. At the time of the testing, students must have a photo ID, SPCC receipt, and valid ATI login.
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