Safe Zone logo on bulletin board in hallway

Safe Zone

Where are Safe Zones?

When you see the Safe Zone symbol on someone’s office door or in their office, it signifies that this person is Safe Zone trained and offers understanding and empathy to LGBTQ+ individuals.

What are Safe Zones?

Safe Zones are areas where allies have promised to support, respect, accept, and listen to students, faculty, and staff regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Safe Zone Allies advocate tolerance and equality for all members of our community. South Piedmont Community College participates in the Safe Zone program and strives to create safe, welcoming, and inclusive campus environments for all our community members.

Safe Zone Allies

Carl Bishop, Vice President, Academic Affairs, Chief Academic Officer

John Muir, Faculty, Communication

Jim McAlhaney, Faculty, Psychology

Janice Ryback, Library Circulation Manager

Dana Glauner, Director, Academic Support Center, Information Services Librarian

Victoria Efird, Faculty, Developmental Reading and Writing

Tammy Frailly, Director, Academic Enrichment Programs

Mary Brown, ePortfolio Assistant

Anjella Tabor-Smith, Faculty, Spanish

Steve Smith, Faculty, Sociology

Ryan Brown, Faculty, English

Richard Osvai, Part-time Assistant Safety and Security

Victoria Rueff, AA student

Marvin Tyson, Welding faculty

Information for Allies

Safe Zone Allies is a program that offers educational opportunities to promote understanding and respect for community members who identify as LGBTQ+.  Workshop participants learn vocabulary, language, and behavior that is offensive to the community and have the opportunity to become allies.

Safe Zone Allies are students, faculty, staff, and administrators who support LGBT+ students by demonstrating understanding through their conversations, actions, language use, and an overall willingness to champion human rights for all students. LGBT+ students make up a part of our diverse student population, and with education, the college community can to their needs as individuals and learners.


  • Attend workshops
  • Plan and participate in events
  • Become Safe Zone workshop presenters
  • Promote understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ+ in their daily lives
  • Display the Safe Zone logo as a visible representation of their support and commitment to fight homophobia and heterosexism

Safe Zone’s mission is tied to the college mission of “…life-long learning, student success, and workforce and community development through education that creates a welcoming and inclusive environment on our campuses for LBGTQ+ students by sponsoring events, guest speakers, workshops, and outreach.

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