2023-26 Strategic Plan

South Piedmont Community College has developed a new strategic plan that will chart the direction of the College for the next three years. A multi-stepped approach began with the formation of a president’s cabinet in Spring 2022, analysis of the results and institutional research in Fall 2022, and gathering stakeholder feedback and information sessions in Spring 2023. Through this work, the College identified five overarching areas that will shape the priorities of the College. As we chart our course for the next three years, we welcome you to be a part of the journey as we set sail! 

Objective 1A:  Gateway Course Success

Students successfully complete an English and math course within three years of their first fall term of enrollment.

Objective 1B: Student Progression

Students successfully progress in their educational pathway.

Objective 1C: Curriculum Completion

Students achieve successful educational outcomes by completing their program or pathway within four years.

Objective 1D: Transfer and Workforce Success

Students successfully obtain the skills to achieve transfer and workforce success.

Objective 1E: Teaching Excellence

South Piedmont promotes excellence in teaching and addresses the academic needs of learners.

Objective 2A: Program and Industry Alignment

South Piedmont’s programs and training catalog align with forecasted labor market needs and industry demands.

Objective 2B: Community Partnerships

South Piedmont fosters community partnerships with regional employers that facilitate economic mobility for families in the service area.

Objective 2C: Student-Employer Connections

South Piedmont integrates a “career ready” culture into the campus ecosystem through early and meaningful student-employer connections.

Objective 3A: Outreach

South Piedmont effectively engages in comprehensive marketing and outreach efforts that clarify paths to student education and career goals.

Objective 3B: Connection

South Piedmont employs strategies that increase access for non-traditional and underrepresented populations to move from initial interest to the application phase.

Objective 3C: Entry

South Piedmont increases the conversion of application to enrollment for non-traditional and underrepresented populations.

Objective 3D: Program Enrollment

South Piedmont increases enrollment in programs under capacity to create a robust pipeline of skilled workers.

Objective 4A: Employee Recruitment

South Piedmont recruits a highly qualified and diverse workforce that reflects the needs of the service area and all areas of the College.

Objective 4B: Employee Retention

South Piedmont retains a dedicated workforce to meet the needs of the College.

Objective 4C: Institutional Culture

South Piedmont promotes diverse and inclusive practices that lead to innovation, productivity, retention, and overall employee engagement.

Objective 5A: Resource Growth

The college will maximize resources through state revenue generation, grants, private donor giving, and other revenue streams.

Objective 5B: Technology Infrastructure

The college will strengthen the data and technology infrastructure to optimize business practices.

Objective 5C: Communication and Collaboration

The college will strengthen effective communication and collaborative business practices to improve efficiencies.

Objective 5D: Facilities Planning and Implementation

The college will deliberately grow and maximize the use of physical facilities.

Objective 5E: Innovation and Evaluation

The college will demonstrate a commitment to excellence through ongoing innovation and evaluation.

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