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Program Description

Medical sonographers specialize in diagnostic imaging procedures that assist in a physicians’ diagnoses. Sonographers use high-frequency sound waves that are collected back into the machine as echoes and forms that can be recorded for interpretation and diagnosis by a physician. Medical sonographers examine the screen during a scan for visual cues that may indicate unhealthy areas to determine which scans to show the physician.

The Medical Sonography program at SPCC is designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to sit for the examinations administered by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.

Admission to this program occurs once a year, the application window will be from October 15th, 2023 through January 12th, 2024 for a program start date of May 2024. Students must complete all General Education courses listed in the Medical Sonography Admission Booklet prior to submitting the Phase II application. For a complete listing of pre-requisites, admission requirements, class listing, and estimated program cost see the Medical Sonography  Admission Booklet.

Step 1 for Admission to Medical Sonography – Phase I General Admission to SPCC

New students need to complete the Phase I General Admission Application. Current South Piedmont students will need to confirm with the Admissions office that all information is current.

Step 2 for Admission to Medical Sonography – View the Information Session and Complete the Quiz

Viewing the online Information Session is a requirement for Admission into the Medical Sonography Program.  After you have watched the Information Session you will complete the Medical Sonography Information Session Quiz. By completing this quiz,  you will be emailed the Phase II Medical Sonography Program Application from healthadmissions@spcc.edu. The Medical Sonography Information Session and Quiz are open for viewing at any time. You must watch the Information Session first and complete the Quiz afterwards to receive the Phase II application.

UPDATE: As of 7/11/2023 – The COVID vaccine is no longer required by our clinical partners. Due to this change, proof of COVID vaccines are no longer a requirement for entry into our program.


Step 3 for Admission to Medical Sonography – Submit a completed Phase II MS application

Applicants can submit their Phase II application to healthadmissions@spcc.edu beginning October 15, 2023 and have to be turned in by January 12, 2024. Provisional acceptance letters will be sent within a month of application deadline. The next step to final acceptance will be successful completion and assessment in the Sonography Foundations course.

 Update to Admissions :  Completion of a patient care related course must be completed at the time of application to the program. Acceptance to the program will be withdrawn if student does not provide adequate documentation.

Note: Criteria are reviewed periodically and subject to change.

Course work emphasizes:

  • Physics
  • Anatomy
  • Sonography procedures
  • Equipment usage
  • Patient interaction skills


The SPCC Medical Sonography Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) upon the recommendation of the Joint Review Committee for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (JRCDMS). Contact the Commission at 9355 113th Street N. #7709, Seminole, FL 33775 or call 727-210-2350 for questions about the accreditation.

Medical Sonography Statistics

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Educational Opportunities

Contact Information

Britney Smith, Program Director, Medical Sonography

Amber McCraw, Faculty/Clinical Coordinator, Medical Sonography

Ashley Tyson

Ashley Tyson, Faculty/Medical Sonography

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