Massage Therapy

SPCC Massage Therapy Course Description

The 660-hour, two semester program prepares graduates to work in direct client care settings providing manipulation and massage of the soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, and stress, and to promote health and wellness. Courses include content in normal human anatomy and physiology, therapeutic massage, ethical and legal issues, business practices, and psychology. Students should be able to perform entry level therapeutic massage with various populations throughout the lifespan. Employment opportunities include health care facilities, chiropractors’ offices, spas, health and sports clubs, and private practice. Successful completers may be eligible to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam. You CANNOT be granted a NC LMBT License without being eighteen 18 years old, as per State Board, SECTION .0200 – APPLICATION FOR LICENSE .0201 APPLICATION AND SCOPE…Documentation that the applicant is 18 years of age or older.

  • 90-629. Requirements for licensure to practice. Upon application to the Board and the payment of the required fees, an applicant may be licensed as a massage and bodywork therapist if the applicant meets all of the following qualifications: (1) Has obtained a high school diploma or equivalent. (2) Is 18 years of age or older. (3) Is of good moral character as determined by the Board. (4) Has successfully completed a training program consisting of a minimum of 500 in-class hours of supervised instruction at a Board-approved school. (5) Has passed a competency assessment examination that meets generally accepted psychometric principles and standards and is approved by the Board. (6) Has submitted fingerprint cards in a form acceptable to the Board at the time the license application is filed and consented to a criminal history record check by the North Carolina Department of Justice. (7) Demonstrates satisfactory proof of proficiency in the English language.

Principle Instructor: Elan Schacter(ESchacter@spcc.edu)

Pay scale for NC Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapists (LMBT)

“After base pay, bonus options, and tips, our massage therapists right out of school start averaging $30-$40 per hour session,” said Justin Smith, school liaison for North Carolina Massage Envy Spa. “They can make $35,000 a year easily in our clinics.”

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states the 2019 median pay for NC Massage Therapists was $42, 820.00 per year and $20.59 per hour.



Program Requirements

Student Medical Form completion, and HS Diploma, GED or unofficial transcript.

Students must turn in their official or unofficial High School transcript and a completed Medical Form before they can be registered by a Success Navigator.


Approximately $251.40, which includes tuition plus liability insurance for fall and spring semesters.

Approximately $250.00 for textbooks for both Fall and Spring semesters.

Uniforms approximately $100.00.


Fall Semester:

  1. Massage Therapy Principles and Practice – Susan Salvo, 2019. 6th Elsevier

             ISBN-13: 978-0323581288, ISBN-10: 0323581285

  1. The Anatomy Coloring Book – Kapit and Elson. 4th Pearson

             ISBN-13: 978-0321832016, ISBN-10: 0321832019

  1. Ethics of Touch – Ben Benjamin and Susan Sohnen-Moe. 2nd 2013. Sohen-Moe Pub.    ISBN-13: 978-1882908424, ISBN-10: 1882908422

Spring Semester:

  1. Success from the Start – Debra Koerner. 1st FA Davis

             ISBN-13: 978-0803625754, ISBN-10: 0803625758

Upcoming Courses

Classes begin September 11. Classes run through May 7, 2024. Class run Monday thru Thursday, 9 am to 2 pm. Clinicals on Friday 10 am to 4 pm, October 20 – May

Registration Options

By Phone: 704-290-5100

In person: Visit any of our campus locations


Braswell Building, Monroe Campus

For More Information, Contact

Elan Schacter, Program Director eschacter@spcc.edu, 704-290-5867

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