Gateway to Wingate


Starting your college career at a community college can save you money and future debt. South Piedmont is here to offer you the support you need to complete your two-year degree.


Once you have your two-year degree, you can transfer to Wingate University where they will help you continue on your way to a bachelor’s degree.


Students who are admitted into Wingate University and hold an associate’s degree from SPCC may have their tuition capped at $2,500 per year or less*. ‘Or less’ means it might not cost $2,500 if you qualify for other financial aid. This offer is also extended to any graduate holding an associate’s degree from SPCC – not just recent graduates.

To learn more about the SPCC Gateway Scholarship and how to earn your associate’s degree at South Piedmont Community College, complete the contact form below or contact Academic Advising at advising@spcc.edu or 704.290.5213. 

Next Steps

  1. No extra paperwork is required to be considered for the Gateway to Wingate scholarship. You must complete a degree at SPCC as part of the criteria and maintain a 2.5 GPA. Please contact your advisor to discuss the best degree options for to transfer to Wingate based on your academic goals. 
  2. Please submit an online application to Wingate in the beginning of the semester of your graduating semester (IE: if you graduate in Spring 2022, you will want to apply in January). 
  3. Send your official SPCC transcript, official high school transcript, and completed statement of conduct to Wingate and maintain a 2.5 GPA at SPCC. 
  4. Complete the FAFSA.
  5. Once accepted to Wingate,  you may be eligible to qualify for $2,500 tuition scholarship if you commit to a full-time status at Wingate. 
  6. If you have any questions about the Wingate admissions application, please contact Valerie Graham at valerie@wingate.edu or 704.233.8103. 

To learn more about the SPCC Gateway Scholarship and how to earn your associate’s degree at South Piedmont Community College, complete the contact form below or contact Academic Advising at advising@spcc.edu or 704.290.5213.


AAS Degree in Early Childhood Education/Practitioner Pathway to Bachelor of Liberal Studies* in Education Studies/Language and Literacy Concentration (K-6). Per the agreement, students with an associate degree will be able to transfer 59 semester credit hours from South Piedmont to Wingate and take 61 more at the University to earn their BLS. To receive credit for their general education requirements, they will have to have earned at least a C in each class and have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Once they achieve their bachelor’s degree, students can pursue their master of arts in teaching to become licensed elementary school educators.

*Students entering Wingate’s Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) are not eligible for the Gateway to Wingate Scholarship. Please contact Wingate University for tuition information for the BLS program.

Psychology AA/AS to BA/BS. These articulation agreements would allow students with an associate’s degree in psychology to transfer 60 to 62 credit hours from South Piedmont to Wingate and take 64 to 68 more to earn their bachelor’s degree. One of Wingate’s most popular and versatile majors, psychology attracts students interested in conflict resolution, research and analytical skills, and the opportunity to help others.

This allows students who make at least a B on honors courses at South Piedmont and have a GPA of 3.4 or higher to apply up to 6 credit hours toward Wingate University honors requirements. They must take at least 10 hours of honors credit at Wingate to qualify for the University Honors distinction at graduation.

Adult learners who are 23 years or older and hold an AA or AS degree may qualify for the BLS Advantage at Wingate University. Per the BLS Advantage, qualified and accepted students will receive a locked-in total tuition rate of $15,000 and a clear pathway to complete your bachelor’s degree within 6 semesters. The BLS program is designed specifically for adult learners who want to complete their bachelor’s degree 100% online. Learn more about this advantage and to see if you qualify for this limited time offer.

Wingate Interest Form

SPCC graduates, or soon to be graduates can learn more about how to apply to Wingate University and the SPCC Gateway Scholarship, by contacting Valerie Graham.

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