Simple Syllabus

Description: A cloud-based platform that houses SPCC’s syllabi templates and links them directly to the appropriate courses in Canvas prior to the course’s start date. This tool enables instructors to quickly personalize and publish interactive class syllabi directly from inside their Canvas course sections.  

Support Contact Info:  

For help with immediate issues in your course, please contact: 

Please contact your Department Chair or Dean if you have initial questions or experience any issues submitting your Syllabus for approval.  

You can reach out directly to Simple Syllabus customer support via email:  Support@SimpleSyllabus.com 

You can also contact: 

Dr. Malinda Daniel (Exec. Director of Learning Innovations) mdaniel@spcc.edu 

eLearning Team 

Catalina Ramirez (eLearning Director): cramirez@spcc.edu 
Misty Skiles (Instructional Designer): mskiles@spcc.edu 
Natalie Korda (Instructional Designer): nkorda@spcc.edu 



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