HyFlex Instruction

Online Course Development

  • Step 1: The instructor obtains permission from the academic supervisor to develop a new online course.
  • Step 2: The division/ program chair fills out the Request for eLearning Course Design & Development in SharePoint (soon to be published).

deadlines, Content Matter Expert, and other critical information are collected.

  • Step 3: The forms are received by eLearning and the course design and development gets in the queue.
  • Step 4: Program Chair and CME fill out the intake form.
  • Step 5: The eLearning Director, Instructional Designer, Program Chair, and CME get together to discuss the intake form and project details.
  • Step 6: Course is developed by eLearning Instructional Designer with close collaboration with CME.
  • Step 5: eLearning Director schedules periodic meetings for review.
  • Step 6: When course development is completed, the course goes through a quality review process so it’ll become the master.

Online Course Review

  • Step 1: The Program Chair organizes a meeting to review the course. The Chair, eLearning Director, and two reviewers attend this meeting.
  • Step 2: Two-course reviewers are selected by the chair. Course reviewers are:

oA content area expert who did not participate in the course development.

oA non-content area instructor or the chair.

  • Step 3: eLearning Director presents and explains rubrics.
  • Step 4: Course reviewers review the course using the SPCC Online and Blended Course Standards Rubric and the Peer Review.
  • Step 5: If applicable, corrections are implemented by eLearning ID and CME.
  • Step 6: Course gets a final review from reviewers and Chair.
  • Step 7: Communication is sent to the eLearning Director to change the status of the course from Master Development to Master.

HyFlex Student Testimonials

Would you take another HyFlex Course?

As a new single mother. The Hyflex option truly saves my schooling. I don't have to worry about me or my child

being sick or if I have a shift at work I have to work. Hyflex truly can make going to college a much easier experience.

I loved the option of a hyperflex class. Ig gave me many options and I liked that.

I have a very busy schedule due to work and family. The HyFlex classes allow me to not stress as much over class times and assignments.

Please describe what worked best for you in this HyFlex course modality:

Being able to change and choose how I do school as my schedule changed.

Being virtual or online or in class all of these worked for me.

I enjoyed the ability to work at 2 am or 5pm and anywhere.

The recorded class sessions and knowledgeable teacher.

Working after work hours.

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