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Description: A digital textbook and courseware platform used by SPCC to provide cost-effective access to textbooks and learning materials with a suite of accessibility features for customizing the learning experience. This tool directly integrates into all SPCC’s courses via our learning management system (LMS), Canvas. 

Support Contact Info: 

If you have a single student having an issue please direct them to support@BibliU.com – this is the quickest way to get a single problem identified and addressed.  

Support@bibliu.com Response Times: 
● Weekdays (9AM-9PM EDT): ≤3 hrs. 
● Weekends (8AM-3PM , 5PM-7PM EDT): ≤3 hrs.   

If you have multiple students having an issue, please contact: 

Sam Mamrosh (samantha.mamrosh@bibliu.com) and copy Victoria Stabile (victoria.stabile@bibliu.com) and Dr. Malinda Daniel (mdaniel@spcc.edu) on the email.  

Please include the names of students as well as email addresses so the students’ perspective can be observed.  


  1. All requests for help should include the course name and section number (e.g. ART-111-MYFA1) and any screenshots of errors that you can provide.
  2. The more information you provide when requesting assistance, the better the aid that can be provided. 

You can also contact:
Dr. Malinda Daniel
(Exec. Director of Learning Innovations) mdaniel@spcc.edu 

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