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Please walk through each of the tabs below to get a glimpse of the tools available to you as a South Piedmont instructor as outlined in your New Instructor Onboarding Course in Canvas.  We are excited to have you on board!

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Welcome — we are glad you are here.  Please use this virtual resource kit as a supplement to the New Instructor Canvas course.  This guide has useful tools you will be using regularly as a South Piedmont instructor.

Discover our SP Policies and Procedures

  1. Emergency Notification System
  2. SP Email Set-up
  3. Questions?  Contact the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership or your  Human Resources Team.

Navigate through campus with Campus Maps

Contact other instructors and staff through the Campus Directory

Learning more about Campus Security:

Our Emergency Procedures form aligns with “traffic light” colors that you can see in all our South Piedmont building hallways. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES

Our Campus Safety contact form helps you understand who to contact in case you need assistance from our security and safety resources.  CAMPUS SAFETY CONTACT

You can visit their WEBSITE or simply contact them at 704-290-9999.

For the CTLL website CLICK HERE.

To discover how to receive funding for professional development and funding criteria CLICK HERE. 

To visit the SPCC Library CLICK HERE.

Important Note:  the attendance processes in this section relate to curriculum courses. If you are teaching non-curriculum/non-credit courses or College and Career Readiness courses, please contact your Department or Program Chair for specific instructions.

Accurate attendance tracking is imperative to academic success and SPCC tracking and reporting.  This responsibility falls not only within each class period but at the 10% census date of the semester.

Faculty must keep accurate and up-to-date attendance and grade records for all classes. Such documents are required for internal accountability, demonstrating compliance with NCCCS audit requirements, and for assessment purposes. Attendance record verification is directly related to the amount of FTE revenue generated by the College. Inaccurate records result in loss of FTE funding received in subsequent years.

Faculty will be provided access to the web attendance class roster in WebAdvisor on the start date of the class. Faculty will receive an email with detailed instructions for completing 10% and the final attendance at the beginning of each semester. Read the instructions carefully! They are revised each semester. Faculty must submit the 10% roster within 24 hours of the census date.  Faculty are responsible for knowing the census date of each of their classes.

Review these instruction manuals to find out more.

Attendance Tracking and Census Date Instructions (How-To Guide)

Once you have determined which students have not entered your class by the census date and you have have entered your submission into Webadvisor, complete an “NA Log” — Never Attended Log listing those students who have not entered your class:

NA Student Log

There are slight differences in recording attendance whether you are teaching ‘seated,’ virtual or hyflex classes.

Attendance Differences across Modalities

How should you record attendance in the event of inclement weather?  Read here to find out.

Inclement Weather (How-To Guide)

QUESTIONS?  Kathleen Coggins, 704-993-2402, kcoggins@spcc.edu

Important Note:  the student withdrawal processes in this section relate to curriculum courses. If you are teaching non-curriculum/non-credit courses or College and Career Readiness courses, please contact your Department or Program Chair for specific instructions.


At times, students may need to withdraw from a class or instructors will need to withdraw students based on attendance.

Student Initiated Withdrawal
Students may withdraw from any or all classes after the 10% point and through the 70% point of each semester without a grade penalty. The student must submit the appropriate withdrawal form and speak to a counselor.

Instructor Initiated Withdrawal
Faculty may withdraw students who violate the attendance policy as outlined in the course syllabus. If a student’s absences in a course exceed 12.5 percent of the course contact hours, faculty may submit an Instructor Initiated Withdrawal form through SharePoint forms and a grade of “WI” (Withdrawal by Instructor) will be assigned. Before submitting the Instructor Initiated Withdrawal form, the faculty must attempt to notify the student of the impending withdrawal. The 12.5 percentage is calculated by doubling the number of course contact hours as listed in the College Catalog. For example, the 12.5 percent point for a three (3) contact hour course is six (6) class hours. The College does not differentiate between “excused” and “unexcused” absences in calculating course attendance.

Administrative Withdrawal
After the 70% point, students may seek an administrative withdrawal by providing appropriate documentation stating their extenuating circumstances. Withdrawals are accepted by the Vice President of Student Services office until two (2) weeks before the classes ending. In cases where
the Vice President of Student Services formally approves the withdrawal, the student will be assigned a grade of “W.” Note: Not all administrative withdrawals are approved.

Instructors should alert students, their counselor, or their advisor about issues pertaining to their success at SPCC.

Contact Laura Grego, 704-272-5340, lgrego@spcc.edu

 To find out more about South Piedmont Counseling Services CLICK HERE:  

Submit a form in AVISO to refer a student.


Contact Erica Andrews eandrews@spcc.edu


Email: counselors@spcc.edu
Call: 704-290-5844

Click HERE to find your Canvas courses.

If you would like access to Growing with Canvas — South Piedmont’s introduction to Canvas course, please contact Erika McDaniel (emcdaniel@spcc.edu) to get access for you and then CLICK HERE.

You may also want to request a “Canvas Sandbox” in which to test out your new Canvas skills.


Contact Catalina Ramirez, Director of E-Learning at 704-272-5419  mramirez@spcc.edu

Find your MS Teams HERE.  If you would like step by step demo to gain access, try THIS!

Setting up Classes


To view a video about setting up Teams to facilitate your class CLICK HERE.

Set Up a MS Teams Class (How-To Guide)

Set Up and Leading a Class (Video)


Screenshare MS Team (How-To Guide)

How to Share Powerpoints on MS Teams (Video)

Breakout Rooms

MS Teams Breakout rooms (How-To Guide)

MS Teams Breakout Rooms (How-To Guide)


Contact Catalina Ramirez, Director of E-Learning at 704-272-5419 or  mramirez@spcc.edu.

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