Our South Piedmont instructors play an instrumental role in guiding student’s academic development both within and outside the classroom.  We offer a wide array of services, opportunities, and resources to help our students reach their full potential.


Student Support Services

How can you help your students choose courses and navigate their education toward a career that fits their life goals?

SPCC provides comprehensive CAREER SERVICES for enrolled students, recent graduates and alumni at every stage of career development:

  • Counseling and assessment of one’s career interests, values, personality, strengths and skills
  • Discovery and exploration of various career paths and occupations
  • Guidance with immediate and long term goal setting and planning for career, education and training
  • Development & practice for employment readiness skills (job searching, networking, writing and interviewing)
  • Ongoing support for graduates and alumni to seek and retain long term employment

CAREER COACH:  An online tool to help students assess strengths and preferences, choose careers that fit those characteristics and then search live websites for job opportunities in the field!  This tool even helps them narrow down the SPCC courses that align to their career of choice.

Contact Erica Andrews with questions eandrews@spcc.edu.

Counselors in the SPCC COUNSELING CENTER can help students with a variety of challenges that might affect their academic progress. Individual sessions and group workshops are available to help students address the following:

    • Time and stress management
    • Test anxiety
    • Adjusting to College
    • Academic probation and intervention
    • Course withdrawals
    • Community resource referrals

Counselors also provide assistance with the following:

QUESTIONS?  Erica Andrews, 702-272-5345, eandrews@spcc.edu

Disability Services ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities at South Piedmont.

Disability Services is in the process of implementing a new platform, Accommodate, which will allow students to apply for disability accommodations electronically.  Faculty can view the approved disability accommodation letters for students in their classes in Accommodate.


Note Taking:

● Student volunteer notetakers can upload notes directly into Accommodate
and the notes will be available to the accommodated student.
● Accommodated student remains anonymous.

Test Taking:

1. Student schedules an appointment through Accommodate to test in the Testing Center.
2. Faculty will receive a notification through Accommodate when the student schedules the
3. Faculty uploads the exam into Accommodate.
4. Testing Center administers and proctors the exam.

Contact Erica Andrews with questions.  eandrews@spcc.edu

As instructors, we can further our knowledge by leveraging the expertise of SPCC’s librarians as well as helping our students maximize the use of the LIBRARY‘s resources.

  • How to embed a librarian in your online or blended class.
  • Instructions for students to request a library resource
  • Instructor literary session request form
  • Meet our librarians

Or, perhaps you’d like some assistance with research!  Complete the Faculty and Staff Research Request Form!

QUESTIONS?  Dana Glauner, dglauner@spcc.edu, 704-290-5269

Some of our faculty are assigned as faculty advisors for our students.  Multiple resources can be helpful in serving our students.

In order to best advise our SPCC students, first consider who they are…

How can you help your students choose courses and navigate their education toward a career that fits their life goals?

Career Coach:  An online tool to help students assess strengths and preferences, choose careers that fit those characteristics and then search live websites for job opportunities in the field!  This tool even helps them narrow down the SPCC courses that align to their career of choice.

QUESTIONS?  Laura Grego, 704-272-5340, lgrego@spcc.edu

SPCC students can benefit from being proactive and accessing the Learning Support’s services.
Why wait until the last minute to write that paper, study for a test, or to maintain good standing in a specific course. Help your students learn how to access and maximize the resources SPCC has to offer through SPCC ACADEMIC SUPPORT CENTER.
  • Professional Tutors and respective areas of expertise
  • Registration made easy online or call the Academic Support Center
QUESTIONS?  Contact Marsha Thomas, mthomas@spcc.edu, 704-290-5239

Student Programs and Opportunities

South Piedmont Community College partners with local business and industry to create apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs that meet the workforce needs of Union and Anson counties.

QUESTIONS?  Russell Carpenter at rcarpenter@spcc.edu, or 704-290-5892

ASSOCIATES OF ARTS IN A YEAR (AAY) is a fast-track degree program. 

The Program offers experiences inside and outside of the classroom to provide a transformative education that draws on connections between different fields of study and real life. Extra-curricular activities involve educational field trips and team-building exercises that the students and instructors can relate back to class work. Instructors in AAY can also use imagination and creativity when working with instructors they are paired with to find common themes and push interdisciplinary lessons. 

Outside of the program, instructors can refer any student with a minimum 2.8 GPA, proven work ethic, and the goal to obtain an Associate degree.

Questions? Contact Ryan Brown,  rbrown@spcc.edu, 704-272-5446 


South Piedmont Community College offers a number of courses for individuals that are seeking to complete their career in less than a year. Schedules are flexible, which include weekend and evening classes. Classes range from 4 weeks to 12 months.  Careers include healthcare, truck driving, welding, office administration, and more. Career in a Year Booklet

SPCC’s Compass Education Program is an academic-based program for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Our purpose is to help students gain the needed math, reading, writing, and soft skills required for higher education and employment.

Through South Piedmont’s University Transfer Program, students can explore degree plans with SPCC’s university partners to see how their transfer credits will fit into their four-year degree goals.

College Transfer Pathways are available to high school students and consist of transferable general education courses and are roughly half of a full associate’s degree. All courses within these pathways are transferable to the four-year state universities and most private four-year colleges and universities. 

Career and Technical Pathways:  Students who are interested in one of several Career and Technical Education areas can start earning college credits at SPCC while in high school. They will receive an associate’s in Applied Science Degree.

Early College:  Anson County Early College and Union County Early College are small public high schools that are located on the campuses of South Piedmont Community College in Polkton and Monroe, respectively. Students simultaneously earn their high school diploma and college credits towards a transferable associate degree or career certificate. 

SPCC’s English as a Second Language (ESOL) program provides academic opportunities for non-native English speakers who are learning to communicate in the English language.

An ePortfolio is a learning website that tells the story of your student’s academic and professional development. It supplements the traditional one-page resume and can be included with the many university and employment applications that students complete to transfer or to get a job.

The ePortfolio is started early in your student’s program and completed near the end of the program. The assignments, projects, essays, etc. that are included in the ePortfolio are called “artifacts.”  These artifacts can also be used as course assessments.


Tammy Frailly, tfrailly@spcc.edu, 704-290-5829

The FIRST YEAR EXPERIENCE (FYE) program is a learning community developed to offer a comfortable adjustment to college life for first-year students. Students in FYE take classes together during their first year and participate in events outside of class to form bonds with each other. Instructors of FYE courses can leverage the fact that students are taking the same classes together by collaborating on instruction or designing an interdisciplinary assignment.

New students are referred to FYE when registering for classes in the Advising Center. Students in the second semester or later are not eligible for the program. 


Ryan Brown,  rbrown@spcc.edu, 704-272-5446 


South Piedmont provides many opportunities for students to widen their horizons through globalized learning options.

Global Scholars of Distinction

Students who are interested in travel, international business, and globally related careers can be encouraged to participate in the Global Scholars Program.  It provides scholarship, internship, service learning, and employment opportunities for students as well as providing a global learning foundation for the university and career.  

Study Abroad

Looking forward to opportunities to study abroad in London, Paris and Japan in 2022!

Virtual Study Abroad

Virtual study abroad is a platform where students can engage and connect locally and internationally on education. These virtual study abroad programs will encompass a range of learning opportunities across countries and cultures in a variety of programs that include business, global perspectives, humanities, and science.  More coming soon!


Tammy Frailly, tfrailly@spcc.edu, 704-290-5829

Dr. Kira Ferris, kferris@spcc.edu, 704-290-5211

SPCC’s High School Equivalency program offers reading, writing, mathematics, critical thinking, and communication instruction to prepare learners to successfully pass either of the following nationally recognized high school equivalency assessments:

  • The GED® is a computer-based test offered through our Pearson Vue testing labs. 
  • The HiSET® is a paper-based test offered on campus in both Anson and Union Counties. 


Pre-Honors is an academic program that trains students for the Honors program. It gives them the tools, resources, and practice needed for Honors and future success in life. It opens all students to the experience of scholarly research and study, even if they do not initially see themselves as “highflyers.” It can also instill a sense of confidence and curiosity in students that they carry with them while at SPCC and beyond. Instructors can integrate a Pre-Honors project in any curriculum class. After completing a Pre-Honors agreement, students can work with their instructors to design a project around a topic of interest.

Any curriculum student with an appetite for learning can be referred to Pre-Honors. 


Honors is a program designed to immerse students in the focus areas of university honors: undergraduate research, leadership, and service during their two-year college program. 

Students who have excelled in past courses can be encouraged to participate in the South Piedmont Honors program.  Honors projects can be integrated into existing courses.  These projects can be designed through the course and then  presented at the conclusion of the semester.


Tammy Frailly, tfrailly@spcc.edu, 704-290-5829

Ryan Brown,  rbrown@spcc.edu, 704-272-5446 

The Service Learning program combines academic learning with a community service course project. By participating in the service project, students earn academic credit while applying the concepts and theories that they learn in class. Curriculum students experience enriching and valuable learning opportunities through the mix of academics and hands-on learning.

 Students can also engage in community-based service learning by volunteering to assist local organizations.  They earn graduation honors for completing 30 hours of community-based service.

The attached files are supplemental materials that will provide instructors with more information about the program, the service learning option, reflection, and service learning opportunities in Union and Anson Counties.

Service Learning Program

Service Learning Course option proposal form

Service Learning and Reflection

Service Learning Opportunities

Service Learning Options

Have a student who has discovered a topic that has piqued their interest and wants to learn more?  Point them to the UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH PROGRAM.  Students have the freedom to choose a topic, develop a project, and ultimately answer that initial inquiry question. Projects could be embedded in an existing course or extend outside the realm of the course.  They can be creative expression projects or how-to videos as well as traditional research.

Instructors may be asked to mentor and guide students through their research experience.


Stephen Silvoy, ssilvoy@spcc.edu, 704-290-5266

Work-Based Learning (WBL) is an opportunity for students to earn academic credit by working for an employer in a position directly related to their field of study.

For a one credit class, the employer and student will coordinate a weekly schedule totaling 160 hours during the semester.


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