Capital Improvement Plan

Building the Future of SPCC

“Founded in 1999, South Piedmont Community College has a long history of supporting Anson County and Union County with quality education and skills training. Throughout our existence, we have consistently asked the question: ‘How can we best serve our students and the community?’ The answers have helped shape what the College is today, and as we look at that question before us, there’s a clear need for continued growth and evolution. To support this evolution, and to continue to provide quality education for the community, we see the need for growth and adaptation. Our Capital Improvement Plan is designed to meet the needs we’ll have tomorrow through careful, responsible planning today. This vision is evolving and changing as our needs evolve and change, but we believe that our vision for the future will put South Piedmont Community College in the best position to create educational opportunities that support the entire community.”

~ Dr. Maria Pharr
President, SPCC

The 2022-2032 Capital Improvement Plan

South Piedmont’s Capital Improvement Plan assesses the entire community’s needs, whether that means re-imagining existing facilities or creating spaces that don’t yet exist. It also considers the investments needed to promote academic success, our student and staff physical, emotional and mental health as well as campus safety.

To meet these needs, we’ve laid out a number of priorities that we hope to achieve in the next ten years to provide the best possible educational experiences for our students, creates an active and thriving community center, and meets the needs of workforce development and our industry partners.

Building a Campus For Tomorrow

The Master Plan includes boldly re-imagining South Piedmont’s spaces for the next decade and beyond. Here are some of the highlights!

  • OCH Campus expansions, including the new Aseptic Training Facility and central quad area
  • LL Polk campus renovations, including updates to the Garibaldi Building and a relocated main entryway
  • Renovations to the Lockhart-Taylor Center and long-range plans to add future programming.

South Piedmont's Campus Master Plan

2022 - 2032
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