Aseptic Center

OCH Campus | Coming 2026 

The Aseptic Facility is a brand-new building that will provide experiential learning spaces, lab settings and simulated manufacturing space designed to teach students about working in a clean space. With the growth of the life sciences industry in North Carolina, the state needs more spaces where students and companies can train safely in simulated, clean environments. The Aseptic Facility will provide a manufacturing training space with laboratory and manufacturing classrooms designed to support the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Students and workers will also be able to practice sterile processes and procedures in pharmaceutical/manufacturing settings. 

Construction for the Aseptic Center is scheduled to start in 2024 and will be completed in 2025. The Aseptic Center is possible with the support of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals and the local state delegation. 

The new facility will be 21,000 square feet and feature high-flex classrooms, a micro lab, a QC lab, an autoclave, a process utility space, PALs and MALs, locker rooms, office and touchdown spaces, and state-of-the-art Aseptic Training Ballroom. 


  • As of 2018, North Carolina outpaces the nation in biotechnology growth by a 4-to-1 margin 

  • Early conceptual plans allocate 2000 sq ft to the aseptic training ballroom with approximately 10,000 sq ft of versatile classroom and lab spaces 

Below are some of the concepts and progress photos for the Aseptic Training Facility.

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