Curriculum Programs


Arts and Sciences

Program CodeProgram TitleCIP Code
A10100Associate in Arts24.0101
A1010TAssociate in Arts - Teacher Preparation24.0101
A1040TAssociate in Science - Teacher Preparation24.0101
A10300Associate in General Education24.0199
A1030NAssociate in General Education Nursing51.1105
A10400Associate in Science24.0101
A10600 Associate in Fine Arts Visual Arts24.0101
A10500Associate in Engineering14.0102

Business Technologies

Program CodeProgram TitleCIP Code
A25120BBusiness Administration Business Pathway52.0201
A25120EBusiness Administration Entrepreneurship Pathway52.0201
A25210ADigital Media Pathway11.0899
A25310AMedical Office Administration General Medical Office Administration51.0705
A25310BMedical Office Administration Medical Billing and Coding51.0705
A25380Paralegal Technology22.0302
A25450 ISASimulation and Game Development In Collaboration with CPCC50.0411
A25590AInformation Technology Information Systems11.0103
A25590CInformation Technology IT Business Support11.0103
A25590EInformation Technology Systems Security11.0103
A25590FInformation Technology Web Administration and Design11.0103
A25590GInformation Technology Game and Simulation Programming11.0103
Accounting and Finance52.0304
C25120Business Administration Certificate52.0201
C25120ABusiness Administration Small Business Management Cert52.0201
C25120EBusiness Administration Entrepreneurship Certificate52.0201
C25210ADigital Media Tech Certificate11.0899
C25210CDigital Media Tech - Content Creation Certificate11.0899
C25210DDigital Media Tech - UI/UX Fundamentals Certificate11.0899
C25590TInformation Technology Data Analytics Certificate11.0103
C25310Medical Office Administration Certificate51.0705
C25380Paralegal Certificate22.0302
C25590AInformation Technology Information Systems Certificate11.0103
C25590FInformation Technology Systems Security Certificate11.0103
C25590MGeneral Office Assistant11.0103
C25590RDatabase Specialist11.0103
C25590SAWS and VMWare Foundations Certificate11.0103
C25800AAccounting and Finance Bookkeeping Certificate52.0304
C25800TAccounting and Finance Taxation Certificate52.0304
D25120Business Administration Diploma52.0201
D25310Medical Office Administration Medical Insurance Coding Diploma51.0705
D25380Paralegal Diploma22.0302

Construction Technologies

Program CodeProgram TitleCIP Code
A35100Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology47.0201
A35130EElectrical Systems Technology Electrical Pathway46.0302
A35130HElectrical Systems Technology Hydro-Mechanical Pathway46.0302
C35100BAir Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology Heating Fundamentals Certificate47.0201
C35100CAir Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology Heat Pump Fundamentals Certificate47.0201
C35100DAir Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology Refrigeration Certificate47.0201
C35100EAir Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology Convenience Store Maintenance & Repair47.0201
C35130AElectrical Systems Technology Electrical Systems Certificate46.0302
C35130CElectrical Systems Technology Hydro-Mechanical Certificate46.0302
D35100Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology Diploma47.0201
D35130Electrical Systems Technology Diploma46.0302

Engineering Technologies

Program CodeProgram TitleCIP Code
C40320EMechanical Engineering Mechatronics Technology Certificate15.0805
A40350Mechatronics Engineering Technology15.0407
A40320AMechanical Engineering Technology Mechanical Pathway15.0805

Health Sciences

Program CodeProgram TitleCIP Code
A45110Associate Degree Nursing51.3801
A45340BEmergency Medical Science- Paramedic Bridge51.0904
A45380Human Services Technology51.1599
A45400Medical Assisting51.0801
A45440Medical Sonography51.0910
A45740Surgical Technology51.0909
A55480Public Safety Administration43.9999
C45380Human Services Technology Substance Abuse Certificate51.1599
C45380GHuman Services Technology Gerontology Certificate51.1599
C45390Licensed Practical Nurse Refresher Certificate51.3901
C45400AMedical Assisting Medical Lab Assistant Certificate51.0801
C45400BMedical Assisting Certificate51.0801
C45840Nurse Aide Certificate51.3902
D45380Human Services Technology Diploma51.1599
D45400Medical Assisting Diploma51.0801
D45660Practical Nursing51.3901

Industrial Technologies

Program CodeProgram TitleCIP Code
A50240BIndustrial Systems Tech. Industrial Pathway15.0499
A50240AIndustrial Systems Tech. Machining Pathway15.0499
C50240AIndustrial Systems Tech. Machining Certificate15.0499
C50240MIndustrial Systems Tech. Maintenance Certificate15.0499
D50420Welding Technology Diploma48.0508
C50420AWelding Technology Basic Welding Certificate48.0508

Public Service Technologies

Program CodeProgram TitleCIP Code
A55180Criminal Justice Technology43.0104
A55210Cyber Crime Technology43.0403
A55220AEarly Childhood Education - Practitioner Pathway13.1210
A55220BEarly Childhood Education - Transfer Pathway13.1210
A60160Automotive Systems Technology47.0604
C55180Criminal Justice Technology43.0104
C55180BCriminal Justice Technology43.0104
C55180CCriminal Justice Technology - Survey Certificate43.0104
C55210ACyber Crime Certificate43.0403
C55210BEthical Hacking Certificate43.0403
C55220CEarly Childhood Education Preschool Certificate13.1210
C55220DEarly Childhood Education Administration Certificate13.1210
C55220FEarly Childhood Education Pre-K Special Education Certificate13.1210
C55290Infant/Toddler Care Certificate19.0706
C60160BLight Duty Diesel Repair Certificate47.0604
D55180Criminal Justice Technology43.0104
D55220Early Childhood Education Diploma13.1210
A5518CCriminal Justice Technology Forensic Science43.0104

Career and College Promise Pathways (for high school students only) College Transfer Pathways

Program CodeProgram TitleCIP Code
P1012CCollege Transfer Pathway Leading to Associate in Arts24.0101
P1012TCollege Transfer Pathway Leading to the Associate in Arts in Teacher Preparation24.0101
P1032CCollege Transfer Pathway Leading to Associate in Nursing51.1105
P1042CCollege Transfer Pathway Leading to Associate in Science24.0101
P1042TCollege Transfer Pathway Leading to the Associate in Science in Teacher Preparation24.0101
P1052CCollege Transfer Pathway Leading to Associate in Engineering 14.0102
P1062CCollege Transfer Pathway Leading to Associate in Fine Arts/Visual Arts24.0101

Career and College Promise Pathways (for high school students only) Career Technical Education Pathways

Program CodeProgram TitleCIP Code
C25120PABusiness Administration CTE52.0201
C25120PBEnhanced Business Administration CTE52.0201
C25210PCEnhanced Digital Media Technology Certificate11.0899
C25310PAMedical Office Administration CTE51.0705
C25310PBGeneral Medical Office Administration CTE51.0705
C25380PAParalegal Technology CTE22.0302
C25590PAInformation Systems CTE11.0103
C25590PDSystems Security CTE11.0103
C55180PACriminal Justice Technology CTE43.0104
C25590PHGame and Simulation Programming CTE11.0103
C25590PIProgramming Fundamentals CTE11.0103
Accounting CTE52.0304
C25800PBEnhanced Accounting CTE52.0304
C35100PAIntroduction to HVAC-R CTE47.0201
C35130PAEnhanced Electrical CTE46.0302
C40320PDEngineering & Print Reading CTE15.0805
C40350PAMechatronics Eng. Tech. Engineering CTE15.0407
C40350PBMechatronics Eng. Tech. Intro to Mechatronics CTE15.0407
C45340PAEmergency Medical Science Basic EMT CTE51.0904
C45380PAHuman Services Technology51.1599
C45400PDMedical Assisting CTE51.0801
C45840PANurse Aide CTE51.3902
C45840PBNurse Aide Basic CTE51.3902
C50240PAIntro to Industrial Systems CTE15.0499
C50240PCIndustrial Sys. Tech. Eng. Pre-Apprentice CTE15.0499
C50420PAIntro to Welding CTE48.0508
C50420PBBasic Welding Technology CTE48.0508
C55210PAIntro to Cyber Crime CTE43.0403
C55220PAEarly Childhood Education CTE13.121
C55220PBEnhanced Early Childhood CTE13.121
C60160PAIntro to Automotive Systems Tech CTE47.0604
C60160PCLight Duty Diesel Repair CTE47.0604
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