Workers’ Compensation

Injured on the job?

  • For emergency situations that are life-threatening or when treatment cannot be delayed, call 911 immediately.
  • For non-emergency situations, contact Cheryl Brakefield – 704-272-5471.
  • Human Resources must be notified within 24 hours of a work-related injury and prior to seeking any medical treatment.
  • A drug test is required at the time of initial treatment, and an Incident Report must be submitted via SharePoint.
  • Treatment facilities:
  • For non-emergency situations, visit Carolina Occ Med.

    What type of injuries or accidents should be reported?

    • Anything that happens outside the norm of an employee’s job should be reported (i.e. a fall, staple in fingernail, hand slam in door, etc.).
    • A good rule of thumb is ALWAYS to report an incident that involves bleeding, bruising, or swelling.
    • The employee and Human Resources will decide next steps together regarding treatment.

    Workers’ compensation is a two-way street!

    • With any workers compensation claim, employees must communicate with South Piedmont. South Piedmont will stay in communication with the employee throughout the duration of the claim.
    • If an employee has specific needs while out on workers’ compensation that are not being met by the workers’ compensation carrier, those requests should be made known to Human Resources.
    • The shared goal between an injured employee and the College should be for the employee to be treated for the condition, to heal, and to return safely to work.

    For questions or information related to workers’ compensation, contact: Cheryl Brakefield, Director of Human Resources – 704-272-5471.