Wellness Program

LiveBE Well BLUE

South Piedmont is committed to the well-being of its employees. A healthy workforce creates a more productive workforce. The College encourages employees to maintain healthy lifestyles and allows each full-time employee, with permission of his/her direct supervisor, to take up to 2 hours during the regular work week for the purpose of wellness activities. Activities may include walking around campus, visiting a gym, attending a weight loss center, exercising at home, etc.

Monthly wellness seminars are provided for all employees on a variety of topics, including nutrition, fitness, breast health, sun care, sleep awareness, etc. Attendance at the monthly seminars is required to be eligible for the wellness hours.

In addition to the monthly wellness seminars, a variety of other programs and activities are hosted to foster a health-conscious environment, such as Walk It Out Wednesdays, online wellness discussion forums, and goal-focused support groups.

For questions or information related to the Wellness Program, contact, Melissa Senko, Benefits/Wellness Coordinator – 704-272-5334.