CPT Retest


Students can be granted CPT retest permission by the Testing Center staff if:

1. Student took original test section within five years AND

2. Student has completed one of the following remediation actions:

a. At least 8 hours of tutoring documented by the Academic Support Center

b. At least 4 content area modules in Khan Academy documented by log printout

3. Student pays the retest fee per section

4. Student is permitted one (1) retest per test section (DMA or DRE or College Level Math) as long as the scores are valid (five years)

5. Student may retest free-of-charge if appropriate test section was taken over five (5) years prior or a special circumstance exists

Students retesting must provide the Retest Authorization form, documentation of remediation, receipt of payment, and a photo ID at the time of the retest at which time the Testing Specialist will evaluate the documentation for eligibility. Testing Specialist and or Director of Admissions and Testing reserve the right to disallow a retest if there are questions about the validity of a request. The Director of Admissions and Testing (or designee) will determine if a special circumstance exists.

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