South Piedmont SGA President Cassidy Holloway: Five Things to Know

Classes resumed at South Piedmont Community College this week, and if you attended any of the Welcome Week events, chances are you ran into Student Government Association President Cassidy Holloway.

In her role, Holloway represents the student body as an ex officio member of the College’s Board of Trustees. She also takes a leadership role in student activities and events. So, if you haven’t met Holloway yet, chances are you will soon. Here are five things to know about her:

  • She’s a native of Chicago. Holloway was born in Chicago but has lived in North Carolina since 2009. She began at South Piedmont as an Early College student. When she graduates in the spring, she’ll receive both her high school diploma and Associate in Science degree.
  • Her “happy place” is at home. Holloway is an avid reader. When she’s not at campus, she’s likely at home, reading the “Percy Jackson” series, which have been her favorite books since childhood.
  • She plans to be a marine biologist. “I love the planet, the ocean and animals,” she said. “I want to work in conservation and help protect the planet.”
  • She loves South Piedmont because she’s met people of many different backgrounds. “It’s a great school, with so many different types of people to learn from,” she said.
  • She and her fellow officers are planning an exciting lineup of events for students this academic year. “We want to get more students involved. We’ve had a great Welcome Week so far, and we have great things planned for our Fall Festival and Spring Fling. I want my fellow students to know that SGA is working for them. Come out and join us, get to know us, and get involved.”

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