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The South Piedmont Community College Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization established to receive tax-exempt contributions to support the mission of the college and the needs of its students. The foundation also serves as an advocate group for the institution, endeavoring to promote its services and enhance its image.

Making a gift to charity can mean giving yourself a gift, too, through the tax savings you realize when you donate by following these simple strategies:
  • If you’re 72 or over, BEFORE you take your Required Minimum Distribution, make your charitable gift DIRECTLY from your IRA and save on taxes.
  • If you have appreciated stock, donate that stock to charity BEFORE you sell it to avoid capital gains AND take the tax deduction for that gift.
  • Contact your own CPA or tax advisor to learn how these easy tax savings measures can apply to you. With the stock market and retirement portfolios at all-time highs, there is no better time to give to the SPCC Foundation AND help yourself come tax time.

The foundation solicits gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

Gifts are used for a variety of purposes including student scholarships, instructional equipment, new programs, endowment funds, and capital projects. Contributions may be given outright or extended over a period of time through your pledge commitment. Donors may designate their gifts for specific purposes.

Donations to or inquiries regarding the South Piedmont Community College Foundation, Inc., should be addressed to:

Maureen Little
Executive Director, SPCC Foundation
P.O. Box 5041
Monroe, NC 28111

Ashley Furr
Community Engagement & Operations Manager
P.O. Box 5041
Monroe, NC 28111

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