Your Progress

To View Your Progress

  1. Log into Self-Service with your Username and Password.
  2. Select Student Planning
  3. View Your Progress – Select Go to My ProgressView or scroll through all your active academic programs and review with an advisor as needed


Reading Your Program Progress

  • Look at each requirement/category. You can Show/Hide Details on each requirement for more detailed information. Detailed questions should be discussed with your advisor.

Red/Not started indicates course still needed

Green/Completed indicates course completed

Green/In-Progress indicates course registered for, but not completed

Yellow/Planned indicates you have planned but not registered for the course

  • “Other courses” that appear at the end of “My Progress” indicate those courses that do not meet any program requirements, such as developmental, withdrawn, failed, never attended, audit, repeated, or transfer courses. Always check with an advisor to see if any of these courses can apply toward the completion of a requirementIf so, your advisor can submit a course substitution.


View a New Program “What If” Feature

To explore how the courses you have completed may apply toward the requirements for other programs, you can select “View a New Program” using the tab that appears beside your current active program. From there, you can search through programs offered at SPCC. Once you select a program, scroll down to the bottom to “View Program“.  It will appear and you may review.  The following message will appear:  “You are not enrolled in this program.  The display of this program information is temporary and it will be removed as you leave or refresh this page.”

Changing Programs

If you decide that you want to change or add programs, you must initiate the process through Academic Advising.

If you think your program progress is incorrect, contact the Registrar’s Office at phone # 704-272-5328 or registrar@spcc.edu  Give your name, program of study, Student ID number, and the nature of the error. 

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