Spring 2023 Frequently Asked Questions

Students completing their credentials at the end of the 2022 Fall semester and potential graduates from the 2023 Spring and upcoming 2023 Summer semesters are eligible to participate in the 2023 Spring Commencement Ceremony. To reserve a seat at commencement, graduates need to complete the Graduation Overview form on Self-Service, purchase their regalia, and pay all applicable fees.

Graduates are required to have specific regalia (black cap, gown & tassel) to participate in commencement.  The deadline to order your regalia (black cap, gown & tassel) OR have regalia approved by the Registrar’s Office is 3-25-2023.

Regalia orders are handled through GraduationSource (Special instructions for delivery: Enter your home address, a pop-up will ask you to verify your address (use this address) AND then the screen will automatically go to “Pick-up at SPCC”), and the deadline to submit your purchase is 3-25-2023.

Regalia ordered through GraduationSource will be mailed to SPCC and will be available for pick-up at the Graduation Fairs.

Any regalia not purchased through GraduationSource must be approved by the Registrar’s office.  Contact the Registrar’s office at704-272-5328 or registrar@spcc.edu to set up a time to bring your regalia to campus for approval.

Cords will be available through SPCC clubs/organizations. All graduation embellishments must be directly related to your college-level experience and represent an experience/honor contributing to your education. Any non-SPCC organization issued cords/stoles/tassels will need to have prior approval by the Registrar’s Office. Send an email to registrar@spcc.edu or call 704-272-5337.

Yes, caps can be decorated. All decorations must be in line with our school’s mission and vision statement.  Inappropriate caps will result in the removal of the cap before the ceremony.

Tickets will be given to potential graduates at the Graduation Fair.

Students can request up to 6 graduation tickets when applying for graduation.  

Children under the age of 4 do not need a ticket IF they are sitting on a ticketed guests lap.

There will be room at the back of the audience for guests to stand by strollers.

Commencement is a formal event and appropriate attire is expected. You will be standing for periods of time, navigating stairs, and walking outside on uneven grass and concrete. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended (not responsible for damaged footwear).

No, leave your personal items in your car or give them to a ticketed guest at your arrival.

No, they are a distraction for other guests.

List any special accommodation requests on the Graduation Form in Self-Service or send an email to registrar@spcc.edu

Campus entrances will be closed at 9:45 AM.

Provided that you have met all of the requirements of your credential, an email will be sent to you 2 to 4 weeks after the end of the semester that your credential is completed.  Your credential will be available for pick-up at the location you designated on your Graduation Form.

You can designate someone else to pick-up your credential by emailing the designees name to registrar@spcc.edu or you can pay to have your credential mailed to you.  The fee for mailing just a credential is $5.  The fee for mailing the hardcover case is $10.

Yes, the fee for purchasing a hardcover case at either campus is $15.  The fee for purchasing and mailing a hardcover case is $25.

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