Renew Accommodations

Students must renew their accommodations each semester. Students are welcome to submit a semester request after they have registered for the upcoming semester.
  • Log on to Accommodate and enter your SPCC username and password.
  • Select “Accommodation” and then “Semester Request” on the left panel.
  • A list of your current accommodations will be displayed. If you would like to apply them to the upcoming semester, click “Add New”.
  • Choose the semester on the dropdown box on the left. Your courses will be displayed on the right.
Renew All Accommodations for All Courses
  • If you need your accommodations for every course, select “Submit for All Accommodations”.
Renew for Only Specific Accommodations or Specific Courses
  • If you only need certain accommodations for each class, select “Review the Renewal”.
  • If you do not need an accommodation for one of your classes, uncheck the box next to the course.
  • If there are any accommodations you do not need for any classes this semester, select “Remove Accommodation”. Removing an accommodation does not permanently delete it from your records.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the form and select “Submit”.
Please Note: If you change your class schedule, you will need to place an additional Semester Request so your new instructors will receive your accommodation letter.
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