Ready for Work?

Job Searching & Networking Skills

The primary purpose of these particular skills is to help you initially get an interview and potential job opportunity.  At a minimum, you will need…

  • Excellent writing skills for drafting an effective cover letter and résumé, e-portfolio, LinkedIn profile, etc.
  • Self-confidence and ability to network with other students, faculty and professionals
  • Strong interviewing skills to navigate challenging behavioral questions and various interview formats
  • Build and maintain your unique professional “branding statement” that you can apply as a selling point whenever you are networking or interviewing for a job.

Soft Skills

These are additional but vital skills that employers will expect you to have and practice daily.  They let employers know you can contribute to the work place running more smoothly and profitably:

  • Self-management and awareness of how your workplace behaviors can affect other people and the business
  • Maintaining high levels of honesty, integrity, personal character and strong work ethic
  • Ability to think carefully and problem solve, both independently and cooperatively with co-workers
  • Getting along well with and having basic ability to express empathy forothers

Develop Your Job Skills Now!

  • Start a job search plan early.  This can often begin in coordination with your initial career decision making activities.  Be flexible with yourself.  Plans are tentative and will change a bit along the way!
  • Set a career counseling appointment for help with your plan and to learn more about the skills you need to develop.
  • Visit your College Central Network (CCN) account early and often for its many career advice articles, podcasts and videos.  Learn now about modern best practices for job search preparation activities.
  • Draft a résumé using the Résumé Builder in your CCN account.  Ask several trusted persons to read it and give you candid feedback.  Submit it to CareerServices@spcc.edu and request a review.
  • Begin researching businesses and organizations that you may be interested in working for in the future.  You can find a lot of information on a company website.
  • Request to schedule a mock interview session with Career Services.  You can video record you interview, review your performance with the counselor, and receive immediate feedback and helpful guidance in a supportive, non-judgmental setting.

Need an appointment for confidential career counseling?

Walk-ins welcome based on counselor availability.

Write to us at CareerServices@spcc.edu.

Schedule a counseling appointment through QLess.


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