Career Counseling

The Student Affairs Counseling Department offers individual career counseling for our students, graduates and alumni.  Students enroll at South Piedmont Community College for many unique reasons and at different stages of development and readiness to make career decisions.  No matter one’s level of readiness, most can benefit from meeting with a counselor for guidance at various places along their career paths.

Common Reasons to Engage in Career Counseling

While each individual’s needs are unique, below are some very common and appropriate reasons that students, graduates and alumni seek career counseling:

  • Guidance to explore career path and appropriate college program major
  • Explore change of program major due to uncertainty about initial choice of career path
  • Confusion between what family/friends encourage as a career versus one’s true interests
  • Pursuing or resuming a career after raising a family or transitioning from other life or work commitments
  • Current industry expectations that now require a college credential on top of work experience
  • Exploring a career shift or change due to change of interests or lack of satisfaction in current occupation
  • Guidance with employment readiness skills (cover letter, résumé, interview preparation, networking strategies)

Now is the appropriate time to engage in career counseling for any these or other personal reasons.  It is never too early!  Students who already feel certain about their career plans still find it useful to visit us to reaffirm they are in the appropriate education and training pathway.

What to Expect During Career Counseling

  • Career assessments to understand one’s related interests, values, personality, skills and strengths
  • Choosing appropriate educational training programs or pathways to match career aspirations
  • Assistance with setting, planning and implementing immediate and long term career goals
  • Developing and practicing skills for job seeking, networking and career related communications
  • Ongoing support and counseling as students, graduates and alumni visit and revisit these areas during their careers

Need an appointment for confidential career counseling?

Walk-ins welcome based on counselor availability.

Write to us at CareerServices@spcc.edu.

Schedule a counseling appointment through your Aviso account.

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