HR Staff

Lauren SellersAssociate Vice President of Human Resources and Payroll/Title IX Employee Coordinator – 704-272-5335
Manages the Human Resources & Payroll Department. Primary contact concerning personnel issues/employee relations. Oversees payroll operations and administers employee benefits. Serves as Title IX Employee Coordinator concerning issues of harassment, etc.

Cheryl Brakefield – Director of Human Resources – 704-272-5471
Primary contact for personnel related questions. Coordinates onboarding for new hires, HR training sessions, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) paperwork, and Workers Compensation claims. Coordinates with college administration regarding faculty and staff credentials/certifications in relation to SACS standards. Responsible for maintaining College job descriptions and organizational charts.


Lauren Castle – Human Resources Coordinator, Full-time Employment – 704-993-2478
Coordinates search authorizations, advertisements, and job descriptions for position openings. Processes all incoming employment applications and questions concerning full-time vacancies. Schedules interviewing and coordinates search team processes. Manages online sites (internal and external) for Human Resources and Payroll.

Susie Trexler Human Resources Coordinator, Part-time Employment – 704-272-5344
Meets with new part-time hires to complete employment paperwork. Responsible for the data entry of new part-time hires. Processes all incoming employment applications and questions concerning part-time vacancies. Processes full-time employment contracts, secondary employment requests, and emergency contact updates. Responsible for maintaining employee performance appraisals (annual and probationary).


Melissa Senko – Benefits/Wellness Coordinator – 704-272-5334
Primary contact for benefit related questions. Processes employee health benefits, retirement, and supplemental insurance. Processes leave requests, including voluntary shared leave. Verifies and calculates previous state or county employment and postsecondary educator experience. Maintains non-exempt full-time timesheets. Meets with new full-time hires to complete employment paperwork. Responsible for the data entry of all new full-time hires. Coordinates employee health and wellness initiatives. Schedules benefit representatives and wellness clinics on campus.


Christy Winfield – Payroll Coordinator/Compliance Specialist – 704-272-5339
Primary contact for payroll related questions. Responsible for processing full-time and part-time payroll. Handles monthly, quarterly and yearly tax reporting. Completes employment and wage verifications. Processes ESC claims paperwork. Manages E-verify process. Prepares and maintains institutional effectiveness outcomes for Human Resources and Payroll.