Spring 2016 Graduates

South Piedmont presented certificates, diplomas and degrees to more than 300 students at the Spring 2016 graduation ceremonies. Below is a list of graduates and their programs. Congratulations to these deserving students.

Spring 2016 Graduates
Christopher B. AcostaAASBusiness Administration Degree
Beth A. AkersLicensed Practical Nurse Refresher Certificate
Reknottis K. AllenAASEarly Childhood Education Degree
Naomi AlmonteParalegal Technology Certificate
Kara L. AmmonsAASMedical Sonography Degree
Patricia A. AndersonAASMedical Office Administration Degree
Kaitlyn R. ArrowoodAAAssociate in Arts
Elizabeth A. BallBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Jonathan W. BarberAAAssociate in Arts
Nadya C. Barbosa-MontesAAAssociate in Arts
Samiya K. BarrettAAAssociate in Arts
Tyler David BaucomMechatronics Engineering Technology CTE Certificate
Whitney J. BaucomAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Sonya N. BausingerAASEarly Childhood Education Degree
Cameron L. BeachGame Development Certificate
Galen L. BeaverAASMechatronics Engineering Technology Degree
Diana B. BechiniAAAssociate in Arts
Tera BellMedical Office Administration Certificate
Chester R. BennettElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Jamie F. BennettBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Chase M. BernardElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Jodey M. BirchmoreElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Lindsey A. BlackAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Sherry L. BlakeneyMedical Office Administration Certificate
Sara E. BlowersAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Dylan T. BlytheBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Erika M. BoiceAASMedical Assisting Degree
Madilyn A. BowmanAASParalegal Technology Degree
Tyler K. BraggAASComputer Information Technology Degree
Travis M. BriggsAASBusiness Administration Degree
Rachel M. BrizellAASAccounting Degree
Amy M. BroadawayLicensed Practical Nurse Refresher Certificate
Kristy N. BrockAASParalegal Technology Degree
Malinda BromleyMedical Assisting Diploma
Matthew A. BrooksBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Erik A. BrownAAAssociate in Arts
Jacqueline L. BrownAASMedical Office Administration Degree
Janice D. BrownAASBusiness Administration Degree
Kelsey T. BrownMechatronics Engineering Technology CTE Certificate
Jessica B. BrummerAASBusiness Administration Degree
Lauren E. BunnAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Adriel T. BurgosAASComputer Information Technology Degree
Patricia CabreraAAAssociate in Arts
Mylena N. CairrikierAAAssociate in Arts
Kimberly CampbellCyber Forensics Certificate
Irving Canabal PastranaHeating Fundamentals Certificate
Jacob N. CannamelaASAssociate in Science
Alejandro CantorASAssociate in Science
Jacob S. CanupAASBusiness Administration Degree
Katherine H. CarlanAASEarly Childhood Education Degree
Jared A. CastagnaAASMedical Sonography Degree
April B. CaudleAASEmergency Medical Science - Paramedic Bridge Degree
Terry W. CaudleElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Andrea M. ChaneyParalegal Certificate
Monica ChapAASMedical Sonography Degree
Daniel CiminnaBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
David K. ClaytonElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Darrell ClontsElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Destiny F.S. ClyburnCriminal Justice Technology CTE Certificate
Justin E. ColeMedical Office Administration Certificate
Fredonia ColsonEarly Childhood Preschool Certificate
Lori J. CovingtonAASMedical Office Administration Degree
Jayde A. CoxAASMedical Office Administration Degree
David A. CraigAASComputer Information Technology Degree
Diane E. CrowderBusiness Administration Certificate
Wyesha Lafaye CrowderCriminal Justice Technology CTE Certificate
Christopher CruzAASMedical Sonography Degree
Eddy CruzASAssociate in Science
Erica L. CruzAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Jose L. CruzASAssociate in Science
Kori M. CumberlandBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Haley J. CummingsAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Mikayla CunninghamAASHuman Services Technology Degree
Linda T. DavisEarly Childhood Administration Certificate
Janet K. DaytonMusculoskeletal Sonography Certificate
Austin C. DeasonCreative Design Certificate
Shamiesha V. DeberryMedical Office Administration Certificate
Emily A. DeeseTherapeutic Massage Diploma
Kristen M. DeeseAASTherapeutic Massage Degree
Brandon M. DellingerCreative Design Certificate
Albina A. DemurchiyevAASMedical Sonography Degree
Angela DerbyAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Gary DilworthAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Charles J. DiscenzaOperating Systems Certificate
Linda J. DixonAASBusiness Administration Degree
Jordan E. DobbinsAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Vicky S. DobyLicensed Practical Nurse Refresher Certificate
Romy Bolibol DollenteMechatronics Engineering Technology CTE Certificate
Ariel D. DuboseMedical Office Administration Certificate
Michelle V. EddyAASEarly Childhood Education Degree
Brad W. EdwardsAASAir Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology Degree
Cody A. EissBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Kianna M. EllerbeHuman Services Substance Abuse Certificate
Susanne E. EnsleyInfant/Toddler Care Certificate
Sirin H. EreifejBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Joseph L. EudyElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Franklin R. EvansBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Mary L. EvansAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Patrick D. FaulkenberryBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Karen R. FincherEarly Childhood Administration Certificate
Hunter B. FinneyAASAdvertising and Graphic Design Degree
Gregory A. FowlerAASElectrical Systems Technology Degree
Ashley A. Frank-ThomasAASParalegal Technology Degree
Emily L. FrazierHuman Services Technology Diploma
Joy M. FunderburkEarly Childhood Administration Certificate
Sierra E. GarrisSmall Business Management Certificate
Morgan B. GaultMedical Lab Assistant Certificate
Emily L. GenselEarly Childhood Preschool Certificate
Samantha E. GervaisAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Anissa B. GibbsAASParalegal Technology Degree
Amanda K. GibsonAASEarly Childhood Education Degree
Brooke M. GibsonEarly Childhood Preschool Certificate
Kebiola A. GiddingsASAssociate in Science
Jennifer K. GilmoreAASEmergency Medical Science - Paramedic Bridge Degree
Moaz M. GoudaBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Yolanda D. GreeneLicensed Practical Nurse Refresher Certificate
Sarah J. GriffinMedical Lab Assistant Certificate
Stephanie J. GriffinEarly Childhood Administration Certificate
Marina GrubnyakAASParalegal Technology Degree
Marian B. GustafsonAGEAssociate in General Education
Michael HaightBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Elaine M. HaiglerTherapeutic Massage Diploma
Jamee K. HaileyEarly Childhood Administration Certificate
Sterling D. HallBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Sandra - Dee M. HalliburtonAASMedical Office Administration Degree
Chris HammelElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Wilam HandyAAAssociate in Arts
Christian HannaTherapeutic Massage Diploma
Donyea HarrisCriminal Justice Technology CTE Certificate
Jawoun HarrisCriminal Justice Technology CTE Certificate
Jamie M. HarvellBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Sarah A. HaynesNurse Aide Basic CTE Certificate
Alexis M. HelmsAASMedical Office Administration Degree
Bradford S. HelmsBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Chashawah L. HelmsAASAccounting Degree
Jonathan R. HelmsAASBusiness Administration Degree
Megan A. HelmsTherapeutic Massage Diploma
Yazmin M. Hernandez HurtadoAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Idalis M. HesterNurse Aide Basic CTE Certificate
Brandie R. HillEarly Childhood Preschool Certificate
Hollie J. HillsAFAAssociate in Fine Arts Visual Art Pathway
Kirstin E. HockingMedical Assisting Diploma
Morgan R. HoctorNurse Aide Basic CTE Certificate
Phyllis C. HollisterEarly Childhood Preschool Certificate
Chelsea L. HudsonEarly Childhood Administration Certificate
Jana A. HuneycuttAASBusiness Administration Degree
Ashley R. HuntEarly Childhood Pre-K Special Education Certificate
Meredith R. HuntleyAASMedical Sonography Degree
Doug D. HyattElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Donna M. JacksonLicensed Practical Nurse Refresher Certificate
Antonio T. JamesAAAssociate in Arts
Ashley C. JohnsonNurse Aide Basic CTE Certificate
De'andre L. JohnsonAASHuman Services Technology Degree
Eryn N. JohnsonAASTherapeutic Massage Degree
Pamela R. JohnsonMedical Office Administration Certificate
John A. JohnstonBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Alyssa M. KaramAAAssociate in Arts - Social Work
Leslie E. KetchumAASEarly Childhood Education Degree
Garrison B. KeyAdvertising and Graphic Design CTE Certificate
Dustin T. KigginsAAAssociate in Arts - Political Science
Andrea L. KikerAASMedical Office Administration Degree
John J. KingAASWeb Technologies Degree
Joseph M. KingElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Taylor L. KingNurse Aide Basic CTE Certificate
David KiorogloAAAssociate in Arts - Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, Finance and Marketing
Kasey S. KircherAASHuman Services Technology Degree
Patricia KirklandAASMedical Office Administration Degree
Tyesha Y. KirklandParalegal Technology Certificate
Jonathan KittrellAASComputer Information Technology Degree
Tatyana KolesnikovAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Monika KrajniAASMedical Sonography Degree
Jessica LaneEarly Childhood Administration Certificate
Rachel B. LattaAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Nikalus LeakMechatronics Engineering Technology CTE Certificate
Katelyn E. LedfordAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Gloria LeeAASMedical Sonography Degree
Shannon D. LeeMedical Office Administration Certificate
Tom LembergASAssociate in Science
Kathryn N. LewisAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Denisha L. LisenbyAASEarly Childhood Education Degree
Destiny N. LittleAASEarly Childhood Education Degree
James M. LofferAASMechanical Engineering Technology Degree
Eduardo H. MaczkaAASBusiness Administration Degree
Brandy N. MarshAASMedical Office Administration Degree
Tireera E. MarshCriminal Justice Technology CTE Certificate
Karen E. MartinAASMedical Office Administration Degree
David MartinezAASAir Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology Degree
Sergio MartinezAASAir Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology Degree
Jose F. MauryCyber Forensics Certificate
Jessica E. MavrogeorgeASAssociate in Science
Andrew M. MayeElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Joyce N. MayegaAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Donald R. MaynardElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Kiara M. McClendonAASAccounting Degree
Tonya K. McLendonAASEarly Childhood Education Degree
Kailee M. McRorieAASMedical Sonography Degree
Dylan E. MedlinAAAssociate in Arts
Garet S. MeltonBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Jenna MillerTherapeutic Massage Diploma
Sara K. MillerNurse Aide Basic CTE Certificate
Rodney O. MooreAAAssociate in Arts
Darrell W. MorrisBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Jessica S. MorrisEarly Childhood Administration Certificate
Jordan D. MosemanBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Jason S. MoserElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Catherine W. MullisAASBusiness Administration Degree
Deborah P. MullisEarly Childhood Preschool Certificate
Thomas MyattElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Jennifer L. NashAASCriminal Justice Technology Degree
Alan Nava-RamirezAAAssociate in Arts - Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, Finance and Marketing
Christopher M. NealAASComputer Information Technology Degree
Johannah NeubauerEarly Childhood Preschool Certificate
Joshua B. NixonAASCriminal Justice Technology
Wendy M. NixonLicensed Practical Nurse Refresher Certificate
Adjoa P. NyanyoASAssociate in Science
Andy C. OstwaltHeating Fundamentals Certificate
Tara L. PageAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Anthony R. PagnottaAAAssociate in Arts
Kelli PalomboAASMedical Sonography Degree
Nayeli ParraMedical Assisting Diploma
Domineke PattersonCreative Design Certificate
Dalton A. PayneAASCriminal Justice Technology
Ryan G. PettyAssociate in Arts General Education Diploma
Jessica L. PhiferAASBusiness Administration Degree
Angelia D. PhillipsEarly Childhood Administration Certificate
Allysen PierceEarly Childhood Preschool Certificate
Meifei L. PierceAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Thomas PinkstonElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Megan M. PjuraNurse Aide Basic CTE Certificate
Corey M. PlesherBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Sharon-Bren A. PlylerAASMedical Office Administration Degree
Aubrey S. PorterElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Jackson D. PoulnottMechanical Engineering CTE Certificate
Tiffany R. PowellMedical Office Administration Certificate
Amanda F. RackleyCreative Design Certificate
Edson Reyes OrdazCreative Design Certificate
Andrew C. ReynoldsElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Kimberly RiosAASMedical Sonography Degree
Randi S. RiversCriminal Justice Technology CTE Certificate
Nakia L. RobinsonAASEarly Childhood Education Degree
Devane L. RushingBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Michael J. SaafiAASMedical Sonography Degree
Joseph L. SailerBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Steven A. ScarboroughBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Emily R. ScottAASEntrepreneurship Degree
Brenda F. ShafferAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Andrew P. SharraiElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Madison G. SheltonMedical Assisting I CTE Certificate
Sofiya ShevchenkoTherapeutic Massage Diploma
Kristen E. ShockAASMedical Sonography Degree
Ilana K. SibiliaCreative Design Certificate
Rebecca J. SimmonsAASCriminal Justice Technology Degree
Matthew J. SimpsonAASComputer Information Technology Degree
Laura J. SmithAASMedical Sonography Degree
David W. SpencerBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Anna N. SpurlockEarly Childhood Preschool Certificate
Jeannie L. StanleyMedical Office Administration Certificate
Tonya R. SteebMedical Assisting Diploma
Tashaun L. StewartASAssociate in Science
Allison E. SuggsAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Leann M. Sumpter-RobertsAASCriminal Justice Technology
Emily M. SurrattAAAssociate in Arts
Ewa SwierczynskaMedical Office Administration Certificate
Amber TarltonAdvertising and Graphic Design CTE Certificate
Daphne S. TarltonAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Joshua R. TarltonASAssociate in Science
Danielle M. TaylorAASAdvertising and Graphic Design Degree
David S. ThompsonElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Shaina ThompsonAAAssociate in Arts
Samuel H. ThreattASAssociate in Science
Nathan ThybaultAASElectrical Systems Technology Degree
Destiny A. TillmanCriminal Justice Technology CTE Certificate
Sarah E. TkachukAAAssociate in Arts - Social Work
Michael P. ToddElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Sharon M. TownsendAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Elizabeth M. TrullMedical Assisting Diploma
Dale R. TurnageElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Kira S. TynysMedical Office Healthcare Technology Certificate
Van ValentaParalegal Certificate
Leighann R. VanSwedenAASEarly Childhood Education Degree
Diana K L. VazquezInfant/Toddler Care Certificate
Brock S. VealElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Donna L. VilhauerMedical Assisting Diploma
Moses A. VillaAdvertising and Graphic Design CTE Certificate
Barbara R. VinsonAGEAssociate in General Education
Jack VongCreative Design Certificate
Donnie F. WaldropElectrical Systems Technology Certificate
Julia WalkerAAAssociate in Arts
Angelette S. WallsInfant/Toddler Care Certificate
Katelyn P. WardAASTherapeutic Massage Degree
Melissa A. WatkinsAASEarly Childhood Education Degree
Lisa M. WhitakerAASMedical Sonography Degree
Krista M. WhiteMedical Office Administration Certificate
Jessica E. WiersumMechatronics Engineering Technology CTE Certificate
Jonathan O. WilliamsBasic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
Kathy A. WilliamsAASAssociate Degree Nursing
Nicole A. WilliamsAAAssociate in Arts
Cooper L. WilsonASAssociate in Science
Paul L. Winder, Jr.Electrical Systems Technology Certificate
Renee D. WoodAASMedical Office Administration Degree
Sarah G. WyarMedical Insurance Coding Diploma
Laura E. YoungAASMedical Office Administration Degree
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