Working @ South Piedmont

Click here for a list of paid holidays: Administrative Holiday Calendar.

ID Badge & Parking Pass
Once you are entered as an employee in our system, you may obtain your employee identification badge and parking sticker from either of our libraries. Your identification badge should be with you at all times on campus. Your parking sticker should be placed in the lower left hand corner of the rear glass on your vehicle.

New Employee Orientation
Our New Employee Orientation helps acclimate new employees to working at South Piedmont.

Policies and Procedures
Academic; Computer; General; Personnel; Property, Finance and Administrative Services; Safety and Health; and Student Policies and Procedures are located in the Policy and Procedures Manual.

Tobacco-Free Campus
We are proud of our tobacco-free environment that allows us to keep our campuses clean and inviting. For tobacco cessation resources, please refer to the State Health Plan or the Employee Assistance Program.

Zero Tolerance for Harassment
We strive to provide a welcoming, collaborative working environment in which all employees are encouraged to share ideas freely. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated and will be addressed promptly.