School of Arts and Sciences Overview & Mission


The Mission of the School of Arts & Sciences is to champion the SPCC Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals by providing quality academic and lifelong learning offerings and academic support services, which empower students to achieve their academic and personal goals in our diverse and global society.

Why attend SPCC’s School of Arts and Sciences?

There are many factors that influence one’s choice of a college. For some, specific majors, attachment to an institution, or athletic programs offer compelling reasons to attend a specific college. For others, proximity to home, cost of tuition, available programs, quality of the faculty, and class sizes might be important considerations. While there are certainly compelling reasons for a student to begin a college career at a 4-year college or university, there are equally compelling reasons to start your path toward a 4-year degree at SPCC.


For many students, moving away for college or living on a residential campus are not ideal options. Family, financial, and work situations make it more convenient for many to choose a local college. At SPCC, we recognize this need, and we know that we are not simply the college in the community; rather, we are the community’s college. As your community college, we aim to provide the most convenient experiences possible for our students, as they begin or continue their journeys in higher education. We offer convenient locations in both Anson and Union Counties, and we offer a diverse schedule of classes throughout the day on campus and online to meet your needs. Come experience the convenience of community college at SPCC!


College is expensive. Attending SPCC for two years before transferring to a 4-year College or University will allow students to earn a degree from quality programs at an accredited college.   Down the road, students who transfer will earn the same degrees as their classmates, who started as native students at their 4-year institutions, but they’ll have much lower tuition bills for their first two years. Save money without giving up quality at SPCC!

Quality Programs.

SPCC’s School of Arts and Sciences offers two transfer degrees, the Associate in Arts (AA), and the Associate in Science (AS). Our degrees equate to the freshman and sophomore years of students enrolled in Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees at 4-year institutions, regardless of a student’s major. We are accredited by the same regional accrediting agency as 4-year institutions in the region, and because of statewide agreements, students who complete the AA or AS degree transfer to 4-year NC colleges or universities with junior status.

Qualified Faculty and Low-Class Sizes.

While university students may encounter mass lecture classes and faculty members who are teaching assistants completing their Master’s degrees, SPCC students will experience small class sizes and qualified faculty. In the School of Arts and Sciences, transfer courses have capacities ranging from 10 students to 24 students, and all courses are taught by faculty members who have earned Master’s or Doctoral degrees.

Support for the Student.

At SPCC, we are committed to supporting our students through their educational experiences. Small class sizes mean that faculty members know students names, we offer comprehensive academic support and tutoring services, our advising center offers career and academic planning, and we have a variety of student organizations and opportunities for student engagement.

Click here to access the UNC System transfer student success website.

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