YOU ARE INVITED to a Reception for Artist Joseph Vodlan


You are Invited to a reception for artist Joseph Vodlan, Saturday, January 14, 2017, Noon to 3 pm. Held on the Old Charlotte Highway Campus, Building A. Come meet the artist and view the “Retrospective: Art by Joseph Vodlan” exhibit. See you there!

New Art Exhibit in the Hallway Gallery on the campus in Monroe! Waxhaw artist, Joseph Vodlan shares his art with us in Retrospective: Art By Joseph Vodlan, on exhibit through February 3, 2017.

Artist Statement

The exhibit is comprised of festive paintings.  They awaken peace and reflect the global, universal, psychic, and emotional dispositions that dwell deep within my heart.  The paintings are untitled, leaving the viewer to make his own interpretation that generates a personal and emotional experience.  Continually enlightening new visions, the artwork comes from my subconscious, sublime, creative ecstasy.

voldan-horses-cropThe goal of my art is the quest of the unknown.  A perfect work of art captures emotion and spirit with no limit of time yet describes a certain period in the universe.  A painting awakens when it dematerializes before our eyes and in its transparency is left totally to the viewer’s imagination and interpretation.  It is at this time that the viewer feels the same as me deep inside and the answer as to why he comes to my exhibit.   –  Joseph Vodlan


What's My Path?