Overcoming Obstacles a Student Spotlight

Rebecca BowlesRebecca Bowles knew one day her dance career would come to an end, as it often does with dancers of a certain age, but she never thought it would end abruptly after a torn hamstring. Joining a ballet dance troupe out of high school, Rebecca found herself searching for a new career path.

She looked to South Piedmont for a new start. Rebecca had always enjoyed helping people, including teaching kids’ dance classes. She found a new path in medical sonography, following in her mom’s footsteps, in the healthcare field.

During the first year of her new career path, COVID-19 disrupted Rebecca’s plans. Classes moved to online learning and her lab work was postponed.

“People always used to ask if they could take this program online and we used to laugh,” explained Rebecca referring to questions received by the sonography club. “Now here we are – online.”

Still learning skills as a CNA at Novant Health, Rebecca’s 40-bed floor at the hospital was turned into a COVID-19 floor. There have been weekends when she’s had three patients infected with the virus and other times as many as 15.

“The patients feel horrible that we have to gown up and mask up to come into their rooms for one little thing. They are just so grateful for everything that everyone is doing.”

Rebecca feels she’s making a difference, especially for people who can’t see family or friends face-to-face. She’s grateful she can be there to brighten their day but looks forward to the time when things are back to normal and she can dance through the halls of campus again.


Written by Misty McMillan

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