New Leadership Academy Starts in February

South Piedmont Community College (SPCC) is launching its new Leadership Academy in February to assist local businesses and industries with their growing need to continually train their employees for success.

The new SPCC Leadership Academy is the result of a year-long think-tank process that included an advisory team of representatives from Union and Anson County businesses including Berry Global, CEM, Charlotte Pipe, Collins Aerospace, Harris Teeter Distribution, Loba-Wakol, and Omnova working with representatives from South Piedmont, Anson County Chamber of Commerce, and the Monroe-Union County Economic Development Commission. The input and insights from the local businesses helped SPCC develop a curriculum covering the fundamental skills that span multiple business and industry sectors as well as unique coursework specific to a particular business as a separate track. 

“It was an exciting process to engage with our business partners in such a deep and productive way so that we could ensure that we developed the right kind of programs for building a stronger workforce in our communities,” said Karla Shields, director of economic and workforce development at SPCC.

“This Academy will allow us to provide opportunities that support the business as a whole and the individual employee as a person seeking growth opportunities,” said Kelly Stegall, dean of college and career readiness at SPCC. “Our goal is to connect the two through training that makes individuals more employable and ready for good-paying jobs that are in demand.”

The Leadership Academy’s customizable curriculum allows companies to address competencies that are tailored to their needs. Employees at all levels can gain relevant skills that translate into a stronger workforce for the participating business.

“Training at all levels is exactly what we need to grow the skill sets of our associates as well as our managers,” said Ashley Carter of Loba-Wakol. 

As the economy continues to evolve and jobs become more complex, the Leadership Academy at South Piedmont Community College can assist businesses with the ever-changing landscape by providing the most relevant training to ensure employee and business success.

To get your business involved in the Leadership Academy, contact Karla Shields at kshields@spcc.edu or 704.993.2437.


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Written by Misty McMillan

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