Mission & Goals

As a learning college, South Piedmont promotes and celebrates learning as the process that changes and improves lives. This applies to our students, employees, and the college itself. We are an organization in which people continually expand their ability to grow and learn.

South Piedmont is guided by a Strategic Plan that highlights this focus on learning through our Vision (what we want to be), Mission (who we are), Values (what directs our decisions), and Strategic Directions (what actions we will take to fulfill the Vision and Mission).

Our Vision

To be the premier community college of choice, offering university transfer, career and technical education, and workforce and economic development programming to prepare students to be productive citizens in the global community.

Our Mission

To foster life-long learning, student success, and workforce and community development.

Our Values

Quality, Service, Stewardship, and Respect

Our Focus Areas

Student Success: Enhance the learning environment to increase student goal achievement.

Business/Industry Partnerships: Enhance business and industry partnerships to provide programming that meets the current and future needs of employers.

Growth: Increase the percentage of Union and Anson county residents pursuing education or training through South Piedmont Community College.

Alternative Funding: Increase non-state funding through grants, fundraising, and funding partnerships.

Value-Driven Culture: Foster a culture that supports the college values of quality, service, stewardship, and respect.

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