Life-Saving Ambulance Donation

Union EMS ambulance donationWhen Union County residents have an emergency, it’s a good bet the EMS first responder was trained at South Piedmont Community College. Thanks to an ambulance donation by Union EMS and Atrium Health, SPCC’s EMS program will allow students real-world training opportunities to help them save lives.

With over 30k people helped each year by Union EMS, training students to tackle these emergencies is critical. The ambulance donated on October 23 is valued at $15k but invaluable when it comes to student success.

“You can train as much as you want with a simulation, but there’s nothing like driving an actual truck,” said Danny West, Director of the EMS program at SPCC.

The ambulance, now donned with South Piedmont colors, has traveled nearly 200k miles transporting the sick and injured to and from various medical facilities in the county. 

“Now, as the ambulance has reached a point it is no longer viable to continue its mission, it will be transitioned to the college,” said Bryan Edwards, Chief, Union EMS. “What a fitting way for it to continue its life, in education.”

A new state mandate beginning in January will require all EMS training facilities to provide driver training. This ambulance will enrich the SPCC program in meeting these new requirements while better preparing students for real-life emergencies. 

“When you dial 9-1-1, it’s a community college graduate who responds,” said Dr. Maria Pharr, President at SPCC. 

Many of SPCC graduates start their careers at Union EMS. Having this partnership is vital for the program at SPCC to produce quality emergency medical professionals.

“Our lives depend on it.” said Pharr.

To learn more about SPCC’s EMS program, click here or call Danny West at 704-290-5817.


Written by Misty McMillan

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