Library FAQ

What are your hours?
During the school year, we are open Monday-Thursday 7:45 am-7:30 pm and Friday 7:45 am-3 pm. During the summer, our hours are Monday-Thursday 7:30 am-6 pm. Hours vary for holidays and other special occasions.

How do I check out library books?
All you need is your library card to check out books. Your SPCC ID badge is also your library card. To activate it or to have an ID badge created, visit either campus library and we will put you in our system.

How long can I keep books?
Books are loaned for two weeks. They can be renewed unless someone has requested them.

Do you have DVDs?
Yes, we get DVDs as often as we can. You can borrow them for two days. You can also stream movies from NC LIVE.

Is there a quiet place in the library to study?
Yes, there are quiet places to study. Carpenter Library (OCH) has two quiet study rooms and the Horne Library (Polkton) has three. These can be reserved by faculty and students. You can reserve these rooms in person, by email or over the phone. Because of the limited number of rooms it is best to make an appointment. Additionally, we care about your input.  If you have a problem with the noise level or anything else at either of our libraries, please talk to a library employee.  We will remedy the situation to the best of our ability. 

Do you have laptops that can be checked out overnight?
Yes. Both libraries have laptops available to take home. These laptops are available for 2-day checkout. If you borrow one on a Thursday or Friday, you can hang on to it until the following Monday.

Where do I get my college ID made?
Both campus libraries now make college ID’s. Stop by any time during our hours of operation to have one made.

Where do I get a parking pass?
Stop by either library to get a parking pass. When you have your ID made, a pass will be given to you at that time.

Can I print and make copies in the library?
We have a printer connected to the computers and a photocopier is also available. It costs $.10 per page to print or photocopy.

Can I scan a picture or document?
There is a scanner available at each campus library. Stop by the front desk for assistance in using it.

Is there wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) in the library?
The libraries have Wi-Fi access and comfortable seating for you to sit with your laptop. The wireless network you want to use is called SPCC_Guest. If you have any trouble accessing this network, ask someone at the front desk for help.

How do I get in touch with specific library staff members?
View the library staff directory.

Do you have Microsoft Office?
Yes, all library computers have Microsoft Office products on our computers. We also provide other class specific software on our computers such as Quickbooks.

How do I avoid Plagiarism?
Purdue University Online Writing Lab gives some helpful tips for keeping plagiarism out of your submissions.