Library Rules & Procedures

Library Mission

The mission of the South Piedmont Community College Libraries is to support the educational needs of students, staff, and the surrounding communities by providing the most current information resources, the most user-friendly instruction, and the latest technologies in order to foster learning, student success, and workforce and community development. The purpose of the Learning Resource Center Rules and Procedures is to help facilitate a safe, pleasant, and comfortable environment for library patrons and staff; and to preserve library property and facilities. These rules and procedures shall apply to all South Piedmont Community College Libraries and to all persons on Library premises. Library staff members have the responsibility, authority, and discretion to deal promptly with any unacceptable behavior including disruptive behavior not explicitly defined in this policy. Patrons engaging in disruptive actions, after being warned by library staff, may be asked to leave the library. Depending on the seriousness or nature of the offense, the offender may temporarily or permanently lose library privileges. In the event that an offender loses library privileges, the length of the ban shall be determined by the SPCC Libraries administration. SPCC Security and/or police assistance may be summoned if staff feels that such action is required.

Prohibited Behavior

  • Making noise loud enough to be readily heard by uninvolved persons-including talking, laughing, ringing telephones, audible music devices, or the creation of loud noises by other means.
  • Engaging in improper physical activity such as running, jumping, climbing, or other acts that endanger, distract or disrupt library users or staff.
  • Intentionally damaging any library materials or property.
  • Threatening violence (whether imminent threat or a threat of future violence) towards any patron, staff member, or others.
  • Refusal to comply with any reasonable request by library staff.
  • Harassment, whether physical, verbal, or sexual, of any library user or staff member. Harassing behavior is deliberate and/or repeated words or actions toward another person that are unwelcome and discomforting. Harassing behavior includes using profane, offensive, vulgar, or abusive language or gestures to or about its victim, following or invading the personal space of its victim, prolonged staring, engaging in inappropriately personal questions, suggestions or comments, or continuing any form of unwanted attention.

Library Computer Use Procedures

The libraries at South Piedmont Community College provide Internet access to students, instructors and staff. Internet usage at the school is a privilege, and all users are expected to exercise responsible and ethical behavior when using computers. Users who violate rules may lose their library privileges. Serious offenses may lead to disciplinary action by the College.

  • Priority will be given to enrolled students who need computers for research and homework assignments. Patrons using computers to play games, watch videos or visit social networking sites may be asked to give up the computer they’re using if a student needs a computer to complete an assignment.
  • If all computers are in use, please inquire at the desk about the use of a laptop.
  • Laptops may be checked out by students for use in the library only.
  • During periods of high computer usage, the library reserves the right to remove personal belongings from locations where computers have been unoccupied long enough for the computer’s screen to go dark. Library patrons cannot use personal items to “reserve” a computer.
  • Students younger than 18 must have written parental consent on file in the library to use the computers and Internet.
  • Community users younger than 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Users may NOT:

  1. Violate copyright/trademark laws or software license restrictions.
  2. View obscene materials, gamble or participate in any activity not permitted by law.
  3. Use the computer to harass or libel other people.
  4. Use the computer for commercial purposes.
  5. Participate in activities that will change or damage the hardware or software, disrupt communications or overload networks.

Borrowing Procedures:

  • Books – 14 days; overdue fine = 10 cents per day
  • Headphones – available for in-library use only
  • Magazines and newspapers – not circulated
  • Reserved items – may be used in the library only.
  • Videos – 2 days; overdue fine = $1 per day (Limit of 2 DVDs)
  • Calculators – available for the day

The person whose library account is used to check out materials is responsible for those items as well as any overdue fines. The responsible party should not mark in, deface, destroy or alter any library material. Anyone doing so will be required to pay for the replacement of the item, plus a processing fee. Persons with fines or overdue materials are required to settle their account with the library before registering, graduating, receiving end-of-semester grades or requesting transcripts.

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