Juried Student Art Show, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Awards and Honorable Mentions

February 10 – March 17, 2017

Submission: February 10, 9:30 am – Noon – Building A Lobby, OCH
Awards and Reception   February 16, 2-3 pm – Building A Lobby, OCH
Pick-up Exhibited Work: March 17, 9:30 am – Noon – Building A Lobby, OCH

Prizes:  Winners were announced at the reception on February 16, 2017.

1st Place – “Collective Corner Still Life”. Charcoal drawing– Rachel Wallace, AFA student       Drawing was done in Drawing I class, Instructor – Sandra Casserly

Judges Comments: Charcoal is a difficult medium.  To keep a viewer’s attention with what appears to be a simple still-life is admirable and the artist has also achieved a wide range of values and detail. I was drawn to this work because of its simplicity of subject yet complexity of objects represented with charcoal.

2nd Place – “Armageddon”. Mixed Media drawing – Amber Tarlton, AFA student
Drawing was done independently, student was in the Drawing I class with Instructor – Sandra Casserly.

Judges Comments: Although typically, self-portraits hold little interest to me visually.  I am in admiration of this work for the artist’s skill with graphite and the textural quality of the mixed media within the snake.  I hope that making the viewer uncomfortable was a conscious consideration on the part of the artist.

3rd Place – Photo –” @Samsung ” – Nick Evola, AFA student
Digital Photography with Cheryl Hicks.

Judges Comments: The conceptual implications of this photograph were not lost on me.  The idea that we view our world, currently, through the lens of a cell phone rather than a real camera or even our own eyes is disturbing but a new reality.  I think this image captures the unfortunate truth that our world is saturated through a series of filters and that we have become more removed from ourselves, each other, and nature.

Honorable Mentions:

All of the work that received an honorable mention was work I returned to again and again, a difficult task for any artist.  They all demonstrated skill with materials and visual interest; I was drawn to all of them immediately

  1. “Dynastinae”. Airbrush Brandon, GRD student
                                                   GRD 280 class, Instructor – Cheryl Hicks
  2. “Symmetry Killer.” Photography – Nick Evola, AFA student
                                          Digital Photography class, Instructor – Cheryl Hicks
  3. “Lost Memories”. Charcoal – Allion Pate, AFA student 
    Drawing I class, Instructor – Sandra Casserly
  4. “Fruit and Flowers Still Life”. Oil.  – Candice Robson, AFA student 
                                                     Painting I class, Instructor – Alla Parsons
  5. “Monochromatic Still Life”. Oil. – Rachel Wallace, AFA student
                                                     Painting I class, Instructor – Alla Parsons

Juror: Jennifer-Marie Wallace, Professor of Art Foundations, UNCC

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