Mission, Vision, and Ethics

Mission Statement

International Education’s mission at SPCC is to provide a leadership platform for globalization at the college.  The intention is to inspire and cultivate innovative international learning experiences and opportunities for curricular and co-curricular courses, career and technical education, and workforce, community, and economic development.  These experiences and opportunities support students, faculty, staff, and administrators in becoming responsible global citizens. 

Vision Statement

A global campus where students can engage and connect locally and internationally on education. Developing an international perspective at the college will allow students, faculty, staff, and administrators to approach educational goals and objectives with a more global understanding.

Ethics Statement

It is important for students, faculty, staff, and administrators to be conscious and knowledgeable of other people, countries, cultures, beliefs, and religions.  The Office of International Education is committed to all ethical values including integrity, excellence, accountability, and respect.


Dr. Kira Ferris

Director of International Education

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