Global Scholars of Distinction

N.C. Scholars of Global Distinction: Start Local. Go Global.

Global Scholars of Distinction is an academic program that focuses on multicultural learning. From home, our campuses in Anson and Union Counties, or by study abroad, you can access courses, webinars, presentations, films, field trips, or international travel that enhance their understanding of the world and its people.


Tammy Frailly
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Earn graduation honors while learning skills for employment and college transfer!
-Tammy Frailly

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Diego Morgado-Alfaro graduates with an Associate in Arts degree with Global Scholars of Distinction honors.  He was president of the Bible Study Club and plans to major in secondary social studies education at Wingate University.

Capstone Project: “Could the Second World War have been avoided?”

This capstone project, created in World Civilizations, argues that the signing of the Treaty of Versailles made World War II inevitable. If the 14 Points proposal, created by Woodrow Wilson had been adopted, World War II may have been avoided. The Treaty of Versailles humiliated Germany and caused an economic recession that created resentment against the allies and distrust of Jews and liberals in Germany. The 14 points proposal was a sign of forgiveness against Germany and was an initiative to put “The Great War” behind. The animosity engendered by the Treaty of Versailles changed history.

Presentation: Treaty of Versailles

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