In Just a Week, South Piedmont Community College Employees Raise More than $44,000

South Piedmont Community College employees have demonstrated their commitment to the College’s mission by contributing more than $44,000 in donations to the SPCC Foundation. 

“I am deeply touched by the generosity of our employees. Not only do they give their very best in their respective roles every day, but they have also raised the bar on financial giving. We are very fortunate to have this outstanding group of people working for South Piedmont every day and leading it forward,” said President Dr. Maria Pharr.

Each year, the South Piedmont Community College Foundation conducts an employee giving campaign. This year’s campaign, “Giving with Compassion,” kicked off at the College’s employee convocation on Aug. 7.

By the end of the first week of the campaign, employees had contributed $44,749 — just shy of the Foundation’s “stretch goal” of $45,000 and far surpassing the previous year’s contributions of $39,279.

“The response to this campaign is a clear signal that our employees believe in the work we do, and they are vested in the College’s future,” said Foundation Executive Director Maureen Little.

“Their giving deepens the Foundation’s ability to support our students, academic programs, and ongoing facility improvements. Moreover, when we apply for grants, many times, the organizations awarding the funding ask about employee giving. They want to see that employees are invested and are working together to reach institutional goals. Our employees have given generously, and because they have, we are well positioned to raise even more funding for South Piedmont. Well done!”

Employees who give to support South Piedmont include Dean of College and Career Readiness Kelly Stegall, who said: 

“As a native of Union County and a product of South Piedmont, I believe wholeheartedly in the mission of the College and the impacts of our work on our communities. I give to provide my neighbors a chance at a fulfilling career and a better future.”

And Vice President of Business Solutions Chris Rivera, who said: 

“I give because not everyone has the capability of paying for quality education or navigating barriers to education as they arise. My contribution helps foster a skilled workforce, which ultimately strengthens our community. By giving, you’re paying it forward and creating a cycle of support that uplifts the community as a whole.”

The South Piedmont Community College Foundation, Inc., originally founded in 1994 under the name Union Technical Education Center Foundation, is a nonprofit organization (501c3) established to receive tax-exempt contributions to support the mission of the College and the needs of its students. The Foundation also serves as an advocate group for the institution, endeavoring to promote its services and enhance its image.

To give to the South Piedmont Foundation, visit www.spcc.edu/onlinegiving or mail your gift to P.O. Box 126 Polkton, NC, 28135. Checks should be payable to the SPCC Foundation.


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