Human Services Technology

Program description:

With human services credentials, you will be ready for entry-level positions providing social, community, and educational services. Jobs responsibilities can include meeting with clients to assess needs, matching clients with services such for their well-being and mental health, and attending to logistical arrangements.

A human services technician, also referred to as a social services technician or aide, is a professional who helps individuals and families improve their quality of life by accessing community services.

Students will take courses from a variety of disciplines and do fieldwork. Study, and eventual jobs, can involve giving care to diverse populations including older adults, at-risk adolescents, and people with developmental disabilities, victims of domestic violence, homeless individuals or families, substance abusers, people with chronic illness or people needing vocational rehabilitation.

Technical Standards – These technical standards have been established to inform students of the skills and standards necessary for completion of the Human Services Technology program.

Employment opportunities:
Graduates should qualify for positions in mental health, child care, family services, social services, rehabilitation, correction, and educational agencies. Education can be continued at a variety of transfer programs at senior public and private institutions.

Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates:

To learn more about degree, diploma, and certificate programs in human services, contact:
Fedder R. Williams
Department Chair, Business and Public Service Technologies

Dr. Maria Lander
Dean, School of Professional Occupations and Public Services

Note: This program may transfer to a four-year institution. For more information, please contact the individual(s) listed above.