How to Save a Life – Alexia’s Story

Her life was turned upside down after her father passed away and her mother was laid off from her job. As a recent high school graduate, Alexia Makowski found herself struggling to find employment while being burdened with funeral debt and grief. She knew in her heart she wasn’t ready for a job, but didn’t think she could afford college. Alexia looked toward South Piedmont Community College (SPCC) for the answer. 

After her first semester, an advisor found out about Alexia’s situation and encouraged her to apply for scholarships. She was previously unaware that SPCC offered scholarships. The SPCC Foundation was able to offer her the financial assistance she needed to relieve her financial burden. Instead of dropping out like Alexia had feared, she was able to stay in college. Free from the stress of financial burden, she was able to thrive in the classroom and her GPA soared. 

“There was no way I could have gotten to that point without the SPCC Foundation,” beamed Alexia.

Because of the gift she was given, Alexia, as an art student, donated a painting to the Foundation to auction for the Founders Day Soirée. She also created a fundraiser on Facebook for her birthday where donations would go to the SPCC Foundation as well. She exceeded her goal of $50 by raising $70. This was a way for Alexia to not only show her gratitude, but to help students like herself who were going through financial struggles.

Today, Alexia is working three jobs and is making plans for her upcoming wedding. She attributes her success to her start at SPCC and through the financial support of the SPCC Foundation.


Written by Misty McMillan

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