Honors Symposium

On April 30, Brittany Klaus and Malvika Choudhari presented their honors projects for School of the Arts and Sciences’ students, faculty, and staff. SP Honors students are required to present at one Honors Symposium and complete four Honors projects to graduate with full honors. Ms. Klaus presented “Painting Our White Wall”: Women Artists Protest the Male Depiction of the Female Body, a project that she created as part of ART 240, Painting I, with Assistant Professor of Art, Alla Parsons. Her presentation explored women artists who have struggled throughout history to depict the human body from a woman’s perspective. Malvika Choudhari presented “The Battle Between Antimicrobials and Pathogens”, a project created in BIO 112, General Biology II, with Mrs. Renee Hastings, Biology faculty. Ms. Choudhari studied two antibiotics and two antiseptics to learn if the antiseptics were as effective as antibiotics in inhibiting bacterial growth. Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Mr. James Minor, and department chairs John Muir and David Wheeler, congratulated the students on their outstanding presentations. For information on SP Honors, contact Tammy Frailly at tfrailly@spcc.edu.

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