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High Impact Educational Practices (HIPs)

Go Further. Go High Impact.

High Impact Practices (HIPs) provide opportunities for learning inside and outside of the classroom that not only enrich your college experience but also contribute to your commitment to learning, staying engaged, and completing your goals.

At SPCC, HIPs take various forms and are available to ALL students. You will engage in real-world questions and make discoveries and deep connections through individual and group projects, class enrichment activities, and specialized programs. Regardless of your program of study, there is an opportunity for anyone to become engaged in HIPs!

High impact practice programs offered:

  • Learning Communities
  • Pre-Honors and Honors
  • Service Learning
  • Global Scholars
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Capstone Experience
  • ePortfolio
  • Study Abroad

Learning Communities

Associate In Arts In A Year (AAY)

The AAY Program is an affordable, customized, and efficient opportunity to earn your AA degree in one year. AAY is also a learning community. In this program, you will take a year of classes with the same groups of students which allows you to support each other and form meaningful bonds. The community model in AAY embodies the famous quote from Booker T. Washington: “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

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“This program has really helped me develop my time management skills, and I feel so accomplished every time I finish an accelerated course. I am very excited knowing I am getting closer and closer to earning my associates degree. I know this program is opening many doors for my future.”   -Miranda, AAY student

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First Year Experience (FYE)

The First Year Experience (FYE) is a learning community designed to smoothly transition first-year students into college life. Getting adapted to college can be difficult, as your freshman year is not grade 13. You must get used to a new schedule, new habits, and a brand new set of teachers. FYE provides an opportunity to learn about everything SPCC has to offer with the help of other members and the program director.

Paige student
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“I believe the best thing FYE did was put me in different classes with the same group of people. This allowed me to make friends faster, feel more comfortable in my classes, and definitely have a better experience than I would have without being in FYE.”   -Paige, FYE

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Honors Program


The Pre-Honors program allows new students the opportunity to begin their academic career through curricular projects and co-curricular activities.  It is a way to explore what it will be like to become an Honors student and allow you to begin to envision yourself as a highly-engaged scholar.


The SPCC Honors Program provides an intellectually challenging curriculum for high achieving students in any degree program. Honors option courses enrich traditional college coursework by offering additional opportunities for critical thinking, communication, information and technology literacy, academic integrity, and social responsibility. The honors experience provides students with a way to collaborate with faculty mentors and design projects based on their interests and the course learning outcomes.

Edmari student
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“A book won’t change the world, but it can change others. I want to be a book.” -Edmari

Edmari and her mother immigrated to the US when she was 16 years old. Her mother did not speak English, so Edmari became the family translator. She learned quickly and excelled in school.

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Service Learning

Do you want to make a difference? At spcc, you can!

Our Service Learning Program is a teaching and learning strategy that combines community service with academic activities and reflective practice. You can grow academically by applying course learning in “the real world.”

At SPCC while enrolled in service learning courses, you will participate in community service as a portion of the assigned activities. The projects meet the course’s learning outcomes and enhances opportunities for your personal and professional growth.

Ansley Adams
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In Ansley Adam’s painting class (pictured), students began their service learning experience by raising money for the The Butterfly House, a program created by Atrium Health, to serve neglected and abused children. One student, Michaela, wrote “My goal was to create an eye-catching work to sell for the Butterfly House. I’ve never been much of a painter, but I am truly proud of how this piece turned out.”

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Global Scholars

Global scholars of distinction: start local. go global.

Global Scholars of Distinction is an academic program that focuses on multicultural learning. From home, our campuses in Anson and Union Counties, or by study abroad, you can access courses, webinars, presentations, films, field trips, or international travel that enhance their understanding of the world and its people.

Dana G
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The Study Abroad trip to Japan is currently scheduled for May 16-26, 2022. Travelers will visit Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Hakone and Tokyo. Travelers will enjoy both historical and modern amenities as the group moves through Japan, learning about the history of the Land of the Rising Sun. – Dana Glauner

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Undergraduate Research Program

creative exploration

All good research starts with an inquiry question. Why is the sky blue? Let’s find out. Why do birds fly south in the winter? Let’s study them. Why would I, a student at SPCC, want to pursue a passion and complete a project with the help of a faculty mentor? Let’s explore why…

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Emily Dougher loves everything Disney. When Emily realized she had the opportunity to pursue her passion in the form of a creative inquiry project, she didn’t hesitate. Emily’s future plans include attending Central Florida in Orlando and then being a part of Disney’s Ambassador program for college graduates. She knows her project will be valuable for her application to UCF and potentially for future interviews or advancement within the company.

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Capstone Experience

Reflect on your learning experience

Knowing yourself creates confidence and a sense of achievement. You will leave SPCC with the awareness of what you have accomplished and what you will do in the future. As you transfer to universities or begin careers, you have a website that can be shared with universities and employers.

student alex oil painting
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My work has always been about the joy that comes from creating. From when I could first hold a pencil until now, the creative process, the journey from sketch to final product, and the results of that process have always been something that has brought me immense joy.” – Alex, student

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Tell your story

An ePortfolio is a learning website that tells the story of your academic and professional development. It supplements the traditional one-page resume and can be included with the many university and employment applications that you complete to transfer or to get a job. 

Eva student
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I set goals for myself and although sometimes my pace is slow, I constantly strive towards completing the goal. I set the goal to go back to SPCC to prove to myself that I can earn a degree. I look forward to completing this goal with flying colors and a high grade point average! 

– Eva, student

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