Give the Gift of Education this Holiday Season

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According to newly published data from a national survey of students attending our nation’s Community Colleges, nearly 24% of SPCC students who responded to the survey indicated their financial situation is worse now than before Covid-19. Some 15% said that the food they bought didn’t always last the month and they skipped meals or went hungry at least some of the time each week. Almost 16% said they could not afford to eat healthy, balanced meals. Almost 10% could not make rent or mortgage payments in the last 12 months.

All of these factors make it that much harder for these students to stay in school, complete their courses and degrees, and secure better paying jobs. And it is that much harder around the holidays. 

If you find yourself with a little extra to share this holiday season, please consider making a donation to the SPCC Foundation so that we can help our students manage their real-life challenges so they may stay enrolled in life-changing college educational programs.

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