Fall 2021 President’s and Dean’s List

Congratulations to our students making the President’s and Dean’s list for Fall 2021.

To honor our students for outstanding academic achievement the college publishes a President’s list at the end of each semester. Students enrolled for a minimum of 12 semester hours in a given term in an approved curriculum and earning a 4.0 GPA will be placed on the President’s list. Only courses at or above the 100 level are considered in calculating eligibility for academic honor.

President’s List

Ogechi A. Onukogu A.G.E – Practical Nursing
Angela L. Banks Culinary Arts Degree
Alexandra Acree Medical Sonography Degree
Emma K. Ahern Associate in Science
Aracely Banda IT Business Support Degree
Leonardo T. Barber Associate in Science
Abigail F. Benton Associate in Arts
Jamie M. Benton Medical Sonography Degree
Anallely I. Bonilla Associate in General Education
Corinna N. Bonilla Paralegal Technology
William E. Bovilsky Associate in Science
Abigail Brame Associate in Arts
Allyson F. Brigham Business Administration Degree
Lauren A. Brown Business Administration Degree
Yusuf A. Cheema Associate in Arts
Erik T. Christensen Mechatronics Engineering Technology Degree
Ian Clark Basic Law Enforcement Training (Certificate)
Rachel S. Coleman Associate in Arts
Amber D. Collins Accounting and Finance Degree
Greyson G. Collins Associate in Arts
Matthew L. Couick Welding Technology
Elizabeth G. Dalrymple Associate in Arts
Elijah Daniels Business Administration-Enhanced CTE Certificate
Adrianna Delgado Associate in Arts
Ethan O. Doby IT Systems Security Degree
Braden W. Driver Associate in Engineering
Evan J. Emerson IT Game and Simulation Programming Degree
Nathan C. Emerson College Transfer Pathway – AA
Brandon K. Fleming Welding Technology
Veronica Gallego Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Gracie Goldberg Business Administration Degree
Blake Harold Business Administration Entrepreneurship Degree
Jahnia Harrigan Associate in Arts
Humza Hassan College Transfer Pathway – AA
Alex S. Helms Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Pathway Degree
Mauro R. Hernandez Accounting and Finance Degree
Rebecca D. Huntley College Transfer Pathway – AA
Nicole Iancu Associate in Arts
Sally A. James Medical Sonography Degree
Kc M. Jennings Basic Law Enforcement Training (Certificate)
John A. Kendall College Transfer Pathway – AA
Kelis Kennedy Human Services Technology Degree
Eva G. Knepp College Transfer Pathway – AS
Joseph D. Kreger IT Information Systems Degree
Alexandra W. Lacombe Digital Media Degree
Kathryn L. Landon Associate in Arts
Emma G. Lankford Associate in Arts
David A. Leonard Business Administration Degree
Michael S. Leonard Business Administration Degree
Jordan Loftis Associate in General Education-Nursing
Erin N. Lookabill College Transfer Pathway – AA
Samantha R. Maki Associate in Arts
Sutton C. McAlister Business Administration Degree
Grace McClain Early Childhood Education – Transfer Degree
Allan Mejia Associate in Arts Early College
Charliey Melchor-Aguilera Automotive Systems Technology
Kevese C. Michael Associate in Science
Peter Miller Associate Degree Nursing
Brissa Miranda Associate in Arts
Kasper S. Moran Associate in Arts
Grace V. Morris Associate in Science
Heather O’Leary Systems Security Certificate
Austin J. Parker IT Game and Simulation Programming Degree
Devraj J. Patel Associate in Arts
Manav S. Patel Associate in Arts Early College
Graeson A. Peake Associate in Arts-Wingate
John N. Pendleton Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Caleb D. Peters Associate in Arts
Emily E. Pitoniak Associate in Science
James M. Plunkett Business Administration Degree
Samantha L. Pressley Associate in Science
Gabriela Quintana Ocampo Associate in Arts
Brady A. Rastia Business Administration Degree
Bella C. Roberts Associate in Arts-Wingate
Hector J. Santos-Jimenez Digital Media Degree
Aryan Shah Associate in Science
Vidhi Shah Associate in Arts
Tristan Shea Basic Law Enforcement Training (Certificate)
Elizabeth C. Shuck College Transfer Pathway – AS
Mallory B. Sikes College Transfer Pathway – AA
Mallory E. Small Associate in General Education-Nursing
Carley M. Smith Medical Sonography Degree
Tiffiny A. Starr A.G.E. – EMS Paramedic Bridge
Emma K. Steagall College Transfer Pathway – AA
Harley Stegall Associate in Arts
Matthew K. Stein Associate in Science
Gracie Stinson College Transfer Pathway – AA
Ashley B. Stocks Associate in General Education-Nursing
Kyle M. Stokes Associate in Arts
Stephen M. Story IT Systems Security Degree
Elvina Tosoyeva Associate in Arts Early College
Makenna Tracy Associate in Arts
Cameron B. Turner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Degree
Campbell P. Turner Associate in Arts
Claudia J. Tyson Medical Sonography Degree
Jesenia Vaca Rodriguez A.G.E. – Medical Sonography
Langdon W. Walker Automotive Systems Technology
Abbey L. Wright Paralegal Technology
Alex L. Wyatt IT Game and Simulation Programming Degree

Dean’s List

Hayley M. Grissom Medical Assisting Diploma
Richard A. Baker Associate in Arts
Grayson A. Flack Associate in Arts
Daniel L. Ayres Electrical Systems Degree
Kyra E. Huerfano Medical Sonography Degree
Leroy S. Pallante Industrial Systems Machining Certificate
Bianca Zaffarese Medical Sonography Degree
Darby L. Price A.G.E. – Medical Sonography
Lora Price Associate in Arts Early College
Stacey D. Fields Early Childhood Education – Transfer Degree
Camryn J. Martin College Transfer Pathway – AA
Luke G. McWhorter Criminal Justice Technology
Andrei J. Moubarak Associate in Arts
Madelyn A. Santos Associate in Arts
Niclas Kerger Associate in Arts
Daniel Baker IT Game and Simulation Programming Degree
Allyson Glaze Digital Media Degree
Jessica E. Guion Early Childhood Education – Transfer Degree
Kaili B. Arnold Associate in Science
Aidan A. Lee Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical Pathway Degree
Chloe Trull Associate in Science
Jonas Valenzuela Associate in Engineering
Colby S. Trumbo Industrial Systems Technology – Machining Pathway Degree
Maria G. Avalos Guzman A.G.E. – Medical Sonography
Katherine E. Baer Early Childhood Education-Practitioner Degree
Sonia J. Leon-Ramirez Accounting and Finance Degree
Elisa B. Whitley Associate in Arts
Luke P. Wickersham Associate in Arts
Caleb M. Cox College Transfer Pathway – AE
Daniel J. Michalak IT Game and Simulation Programming Degree
Madalyn I. Dean Business Administration Entrepreneurship Degree
Haley Juarez-Melgar Business Administration Degree
Emily Karpovich Medical Sonography Degree
Marisa Keating Medical Sonography Degree
Jessica R. Lamantia Business Administration Entrepreneurship Degree
Jada M. McClain Associate in Arts
Ruth R. Millan Moran Business Administration Degree
Alexander P. Patel Associate in Arts
Caroline Rotela Associate in Arts
Yamila Sami-Geng Associate in Arts
Miranda Santana Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Hannah Turner Associate in Arts Early College
Rachel E. Hill Associate in Arts
Lasheika T. Coleman Associate in Arts
Andrew J. Norris Associate in Arts
Andrew S. Cox Associate in Science
Matthew Gravely Associate in Science
Gavin High Associate in Arts
Ethan D. Murray AC, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Diploma
Jacob K. Rhoads Associate in Science
Chloe E. Small Associate in Arts-Wingate
Riley K. Thomas Associate in Science
Victoria A. Bernash Associate in Arts
Willow R. Gebbia Associate in Arts
David Hines Associate in Arts
Brooklyn C. Martin Associate in Arts
Kayla Norris Associate in Arts
Kevin Picazo-Gonzalez Associate in Arts
Makiah Shipman Associate in Arts
Addison P. Smith A.G.E. – Medical Sonography
Bailey M. Winfield Associate in Arts
Hunter B. Morris Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Degree
Diem Ngo A.G.E. – Medical Sonography
Kinyotta K. Moss Associate in Arts
Quatavis D. Liles Associate in Arts
Austin A. Dial Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Degree
MacKay E. Burr College Transfer Pathway – AA
Anna Edwards College Transfer Pathway – AA
Michael A. Turner IT Information Systems Degree
Elizabeth C. Clark Business Administration Degree
Madeline G. Crotts Associate in Arts
Phoebe M. Davis Associate in Arts
Carrie L. Joplin Paralegal Technology
Kalee N. Sykes Paralegal Technology
Claudia F. Hill College Transfer Pathway – AA
Chloe Jackson Associate in Arts
Destiny S. Little Medical Assisting Diploma
Elizabeth Stratton Associate in Science
Roy P. Jones Associate in Arts
Chris M. King IT Information Systems Degree
Mason L. Chance Industrial Systems Technology – Machining Pathway Degree
Alexandra A. Blake Medical Assisting Diploma
Breyah Brown Associate in Arts Early College
Rebecca M. Altman Medical Billing and Coding Degree
Brittany M. Chastain Associate in Science
Abigayle D. Havard Associate in Science-Wingate
Emily R. Herring Early Childhood Education – Transfer Degree
Jana L. Jackson Associate in Arts
Evan C. Jezek IT Game and Simulation Programming Degree
Mallory A. Melton Associate in General Education-Nursing
Jonathan D. Watson Digital Media Degree

Academic Honors
Students enrolled in a curriculum program leading to a degree, a diploma, or a certificate, are eligible for the Academic Honors lists. Special credit students are not eligible for academic honors. Students who earn grades of “D,” “F,” or “I” for the semester are also not eligible. Any repeated (coursework previously attempted), developmental education courses or earned grades of “W” or “WI” will be excluded from the minimum semester hours.

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